Glossy photo prints

Glossy photo prints

A glossy finish to your photo print adds extra shine to the image and accentuates the vivid colours in your picture. They’re a great way to add colour to your home. Check out our guide to choosing a glossy photo with bonusprint.

  • Choose a stylish gloss finish for your photo print
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick and easy to order online

Create your glossy photo prints


What is a glossy photo print?

When you think of photographs you automatically think of a shiny, glossy print. That’s because it’s the most common finish with developed photographs. As you’d expect, they get their name from a glossy layer being applied over the image, creating a shiny and reflective finish. The reason a lot of people go with this choice for their bonusprint photo prints is because the gloss layer accentuates the colour intensity and sharpness, giving the photographs a more luxurious finish.

How to create a glossy photo print

To create a high gloss photo print, all you need you to do is head to the Photo Print section of the bonusprint website and select whether you’d like premium, large premium or retro prints. At the next screen you’ll be prompted to upload your photo selection. If you decide that you’d like to change the size of your photos once they’re uploaded then that’s absolutely fine – you can choose a size for each image from the drop down box.

Ordering your glossy photo print

Now your photos are uploaded and you’ve chosen the size you want, you’re ready to turn them into glossy photo prints. Simply head to the ‘Extras’ button on the top right of the screen where you’ll be able to click on the glossy option. Now you’re good to go. That’s all there is to it! All you need to do now is click to order your gloss finish prints online and you’ll be taken through to checkout.

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Excellent product for beginners and print professionals

Have used Bonus Print for Calendars, Photo Books & prints and the quality is always good, it's basically down to the customer to use good quality high resolution images to get the best product. There are a good selection of templates for beginners. T... Read more

– NG
the print and colors are good

the print and colors are good, very important, because it are prints of mu paintings and because of the great offers sometimes it is affordable for me especially for presents.
Read more

– Pathika
I would recommend Bonusprint

The website was easy to navigate and I ordered 150+6'' 4'' prints which arrived yesterday and look great. I also ordered 60cm 40cm wall print which would have been printed a bit above 200dpi, so I was hoping I hadn't gone too big but it also looks gr... Read more

– Patrick Gosling
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