7 creative ideas for personalised calendars

Take inspiration from our tips and make your own personalised photo calendar with our creative ideas.


A personalised calendar is the perfect gift for friends and family but also a nice thing to make for yourself and hang in your home. We’ve got seven great ideas for themed calendars that you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Food and cooking

Photos of yummy seasonal fruit and veg will make the perfect calendar subject and remind you to never eat out of season again.

food photo calendar ideas

Tip: easily add a list of seasonal produce each month using the text option in the calendar creator tool.

Nature’s beauty

Snowy scenes in January, seaside photos in august and falling leaves in October. Take inspiration from the natural world and use photos of nature throughout the year.

seasonal photo calendar ideas

Tip: you can use the seasonal pre-designs like the one pictured here.

Around the world

Use photos of your favourite places and throw in some dream destinations for a daily dose of inspiration. You could add some phrases in the local language to each photo so that every month you learn some local lingo.

travel photo calendar ideas

Tip: choose a double A4 year calendar with a transparent calendar grid like this one to really showcase your travel photos

Play dress up

Dress your pets up in adorable outfits and use seasonal props like love hearts in February and pumpkins in October to make a cheerful calendar that you’ll love looking at every day.

pets photo calendar ideas

Tip: use our seasonal colours as backgrounds for a bright and cheery calendar that fits your photos

Show off their artistic flair

Scan or photograph your little one’s artwork and use them to make a calendar that you’ll treasure.

kids artwork calendar ideas

Tip: use a playful design like this one to accent their quirky artwork.

Quote me on that

Use famous motivational quotes or come up with some inspiring words of your own to place over your photos. It will give you a pick me up each time you check the date.

quotes photo calendar ideas

Brain teasers

If you’re good with Photoshop you could create ‘spot the difference’ photos and challenge people to find them each month. Or you could add word games or riddles to your calendar using the calendar creator tool.

games photo calendar ideas

Tip: Use a simple design to keep the focus on your game.

Feeling inspired? Why not create your own personalised calendar using one of these ideas. Or maybe you have an idea of your own? Make sure to share your results with us because we love seeing what you come up with.

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