How to: style your home with wall art and prints

Learn how to style your home with wall art and photo prints.

There are no set rules when it comes to displaying your wall art and photo prints – the creative possibilities are endless, but it can seem like a daunting task. It’s hard to imagine a blank space in your home full of life and colour but we’ve put together a video to help you out.

Don’t stick with one size

Different formats and sizes will create an interesting contrast and different materials for your wall art can add texture. For example wood and canvas are a striking combination. It’s also nice to add a frame to your wall art or a white border to some of your photo prints.

style your home wall art sizes

Mix and match

Switch between landscape and portrait so that the eye is drawn in different directions. Mixing the different shapes means that you can easily fill a space. Also mix and match the style of photography that you display. Portraits of friends and family are fun and meaningful, while more ‘arty’ shots of landscapes and close-ups of textures will give the display an interesting edge. Photos shot from unexpected angles will make the wall really stand out.

style your home photography

Not just about the photos

Add a few other props like candles, plants and mirrors to bring the space to life. Mixing in other objects will add interest to your display. Make your props extra unique by creating a bottle photo collage.

style your home bottles


Feeling inspired? Create some wall art or make some photo prints of your favourite moments and create a striking display of your own. Our wall blog is full of ideas for the best way to hang your wall art or for more photo print inspiration, take a look at our photo collage blog. Once you’ve created your own wall art and prints display, share it with us using the #mybonusprint hashtag for a chance to win a bonusprint voucher and be featured in our gallery.

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