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Updates Mac creator tool

In order to make creating your photo book simpler and more fun, we regularly update our Mac creator tool. That’s why sometimes you’ll be required to update to a new version.
Below you’ll find an overview of the latest Mac creator tool updates.

Latest update

Version 9.2 (November 2020)
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Previous updates

Version 9.1 (October 2020)
This version has expanded the text options.
– The editor now shows a preview of the fonts in the menus.
– We now include 100+ new fonts in the editor, so you can make your book even more beautiful
– cmd + A in the text editor now selects the entire text and no longer all objects on the current page (s)
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 9.0 (Jun 2020)
This version gives you a lot of new creative options.
New: Text Mask:
– You can add a text based mask to your pictures. You are free to choose the font, alignment and mask contrast.
New: Negative image:
– There is a new image effect to ‘invert’ an image. With this you can for example turn a black clipart into a white one.
New: Add shadow to Text:
– You can add a shadow to a text just as you already could to pictures. This shadow is completely configurable.
New: Add shadow to Shapes:
– You can add a shadow to shapes just as you already could to pictures. This shadow is completely configurable.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 8.2 (March 2020)
– We have optimized the editor’s performance. Browsing through the book, resizing the window, previewing and many more actions are now faster.
New: Lock:
– Objects such as images, text and shapes can now be locked. Locked objects cannot be edited unless they are unlocked.
In this way it is possible to protect parts of a design page against accidental changes. To use this function, select the object (s) you want to lock and press ⌘L; or use the item ‘Lock’ in the ‘Item’ menu.
Locked objects show a ‘padlock’ icon when selected.
New: Shortcuts:
We’ve added more keyboard shortcuts to make your work even more efficient. To name a few:
I – Insert image
T – Insert text
S – Insert shape
⌘0 – Show / Hide browser panel
⌘⇧0 – Show / hide page overview
⌘⌥0 – Show / Hide Inspector
⌘⇧W – Show / Hide Alerts
⌘⇧P – Enter / exit Example
⌘E – Additional options
⌘⇧ = – add pages
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Versie 8.0 (November 2019)
New: Shapes:
– We made it very easy to add different shapes such as circles, rectangles and triangles to your photo book. Every shape can be styled further by adjusting the colour, transparency, border and gradient to make it match perfectly with the design of your pages. Read our latest blog post with useful tips and inspiration on how to get creative with our new shapes.
Get inspired on how to use shapes in your album
New: Enhance:
– You can now turn off image enhancement with one global setting. This can be useful when you already use your own editing tools for optimising images.
Go to the top menu and click on ‘bonusprint photo books’ > ‘Preference’ and uncheck the box to turn image enhancement off. Changing this option does not overwrite the image enhancement setting of photos that are already in your book.
New: Shift+Arrow keys:
You can now use Shift+Arrow keys to make bigger steps when positioning your photos on a page
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 7.1 (September 2019)
New: UI changes:
– You can now easily open and close the info window, the browser panel and the page overview by clicking on the new arrows
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 7.0 (July 2019)
New: UI changes:
– a selection of multiple objects now behaves as if it is one object.
That is why an overview with handles is displayed around all selected items, instead of around the individual items as before.
– The format of this selection changes the format of the selected objects as a group, preserving the same composition.
– It is now also possible to rotate multiple objects as a group.
– It is now possible to change the size of an object that is partially below another object,
because the outline and grips are always displayed on top of the album objects.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.6.1 (April 2019)
Fixed: For users of Mac OS lower than Mojave (10.14):
You can drag and drop images directly from the Photos app onto your photo book pages again.
Fixed: For users working with browsers Chrome and Safari:
You have the option back to drag images directly onto your pages.

Version 6.6 (April 2019)
New: You are now able to invert an albelli mask.
Either pick the black or white part of the mask to cut out a part of the photo.
New: You can use any image as a mask, directly from the photo browser.
Right click on an image from your folders (while an image is selected on the page) and choose to apply the mask.
The image is automatically applied as an inverted mask. If you want the opposite behaviour you can untick the box ‘Inverted Mask’ in the right inspector bar.
Creation tip: Try combining a photo of a face with a gorgeous landscape and blend them together for an artistic effect.
Once combined you can apply more effects like borders or frames.
New: You can apply backgrounds to any page or your entire book, directly from the photo browser.
Select your desired image in the photo browser and use the available options to apply photo backgrounds to your book.
New: We have added a new way to apply a magic background to best match your photos.
Now simply select a page where you’ve added the photos and apply a magic background directly from the inspector bar.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.4 and 6.4.1 (January 2019)
New: Improved Smart Assistant flow with more options.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.3 (November 2018)
New: Page numbers. Use this new functionality to show a page number on every page.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.2.3 (October 2018)
New: The Creator tool is now asking for permission to use photo libraries on Mac OS Mojave (10.14).
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 (September 2018)
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.2 (September 2018)
New: The Mac Editor now supports Dark Mode while using OS 10.14 Mojave.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.1 (August 2018)
New: Page margins. Use this new functionality that will show magnetic helplines. These will allow you to have the same margins on every page of your album.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 6.0 (July 2018)
New: Enjoy the new magic backgrounds feature. By selecting an image or a page, a portion of an image will be used to create a beautiful background that perfectly matches with the photos on your page.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.6 (January 2018)
New: Easily crop your photos in fixed, free or original aspect ratio.
New: Enjoy the new filters in the edit window.
New: When resizing photos, a diagonal snap line in the placeholder will resize the photo to its original aspect ratio.
Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.5 (November 2017)
Improved: Our snap & align feature now makes it super simple to distribute objects on your page with exactly the same distance between them.
Improved: You can open a large size preview of an image from the photo browser by double clicking it, or by pressing spacebar while having it selected.
Improved: Setting a photo as page background has never been easier. Simply right click a photo and discover up to six different ways to set it as page background.
Improved: When clicking on a warning icon, more information about the issue will be displayed.
Fixed: We fixed some bugs and made other general improvements.

Version 5.4 (October 2017)
New: Chat with us directly in the creator tool. You’ll find the chat feature under the ‘Help’ button.
Improved: Choosing your cover and binding options has been simplified
Improved: Simplified adding finder folders to the photo browser, so that adding photos from a hard drive is easier.
Fixed: Made general bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.3 (September 2017)
Improved: Easily zoom in and out using pinch and zoom on your trackpad or magic mouse: or use ⌘+ and ⌘-.
Improved: It’s now easier to add = and remove pages
Improved: Resized your book then changed your mind? Now you can undo it.
Fixed: General bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.2 (August 2017)
New: Easily upgrade your soft cover book to a hard cover book. Read more.
Improved: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.1 (July 2017)
New: Added new layouts in the left-hand menu.
Improved: Improved default initial templates.
Fixed: Made general bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.0 (May 2017)
New: The editor now automatically saves your work, so you don’t have to worry about losing your projects.
New: With Versions you can go back to a previous save of your book. You can use this feature to choose items from a previous version of your book or restore a former look.
New: We will, from this release onwards, show you hints in the User Interface so you can easily find new features we’ve introduced.
Fixed: We’ve made some improvements and bug fixes.

Version 4.5 (February 2017)
New: The creator tool will now open right where you left off last time, down to the page.
Improved: We’ve improved the experience of saving your books.
Fixed: Some users, because of two occasional errors, couldn’t open their photo books. Those are now fixed.

Version 4.4 (January 2017)
New: Explore new creative possibilities by combining background images and background colours on a page.
New: On newer trackpads, you’ll now receive haptic feedback when an image snaps in to place.
Improved: We’ve made loads of under the hood improvements. You’ll notice a smoother editing experience.
Improved: We’ve solved a previous bug, which caused photos to become invisible when specific Mac system preferences were used.
Improved: As always, we’ve made lots of small bug fixes and improvements.

Version 4.3 (November 2016)
Improved: It’s now much easier to align photos in your book. When moving images, ‘snap’ lines will appear; and when letting go of an image the picture will snap-align with the given element.
Improved: We’ve made the order process considerably faster, particularly for photo books containing large photos.

Version 4.2 (October 2016)
We’ve got a whole new look, and we’re feeling refreshed. Check it out in the creator tool!
Improved: The tool’s new start screen lets you choose products even more quickly and easily
Improved: From now on, you can easily swap photos between two placeholders
Improved: When applying a layout to a page, the tool now analyses the photos already placed on the page and puts them in the most logical placeholders.

Version 4.1 (August 2016)
With this release, the creator tool is compatible with MacOS Sierra.
New: Photos, layouts, backgrounds, frames, masks and clip art are now all available in the panel on the left of your photo book, so you can easily drag and drop them.
Improved: Photo books load faster when you open them.
Improved: Zooming in and out is smoother, and editing your pages is faster while zoomed in.

Version 4.0 (June 2016)
New: Save your own page layouts so you can reuse them throughout your photo books.
New: Mirror the layout of your pages in order to easily create symmetry in your photo books.
New: Easily apply text transparency, allowing new creative options!
Updated: Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 3.5 (February 2016)
New: Choose from lots of beautiful new backgrounds, frames, masks and clip art images.
New: Easily apply layouts from the layout browser in the left panel.
Improved: Use the page overview to easily insert additional pages between existing ones.
New: Define your favorite style for new text fields.
New: Drag and drop photos from Mac’s ‘Photos’ application
• Bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.4 (October 2015)
New: help balloons to guide you with creating your photo book
New: duplicate function to easily copy your content. Including a shortcut: Alt + drag
Maintenance: ready for OS X El Capitan
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 3.3 (July 2015)
New: ‘Photos’ library in the photo browser
New: use the location where a photo has been taken as a search term in the photo browser
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Version 3.1.3 (July 2015)
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Version (March 2015)
• Performance improvements

Version 3.1 (March 2015)
New: copy/paste photo style.
New: evenly distribute items on page.
Improved: ‘center on page’ in toolbar.
Improved: ‘lay-out’ in toolbar.
• Bug fixes and general improvements.

Version 3.0.1 (October 2014)
• Bug fixes

Version 3.0 (October 2014)
New: editing pane. Easier to find editing options.
New: mirror photos and text.
New: specify exact placement and measurements of your photo and clip art.
Improved: options for rounded corners.
New and improved: shadow options.
New: edit background transparency.
• Bug fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.2 (June 2014)
New: align items relative to the page.
New: alter the text position (front/back).
New and improved: text editing options.
Improved: when resizing an item the exact dimensions appear.
• Bug fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.1 (October 2013)
• Bug fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.0 (May 2013)
New: add clip art to your photo book.
Improved: photo maintains its size when shadow is added.
Improved: complete support of high resolution computer screens.
New: notification of new design options (clip art, backgrounds, frames or masks).
New: flip through the preview slideshow by using the arrows.
New: zoom in and out using your fingers on the touchpad.
New: easily copy and paste text from Word.
• Bug fixes and general improvements.

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