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Baby Announcements

Celebrate the new arrival. Announce the latest member of your family.

Baby Birth Announcement Cards UK

A little bundle of joy has come into the world, and how better to celebrate than by sending out a customised birth card to friends and relations? With one of bunusprint's baby arrival cards, everyone can share in the good news. Deeply personal yet made to a professional standard with state of the art printing techniques, our birth announcement cards are a fine way of introducing the latest member of the family.

Baby photo cards

Not everyone can be there for the birth. A baby photo card lets people get a first look at the new arrival no matter where they are. Whether it's a cutely posed professional portrait or a first precious snapshot grabbed in the maternity wing, a photo card of your new baby allows you to send these treasured images out into the world in a way that's more thoughtful and considered than simply posting them online. And yes, we know first impressions count. Trust us, our high quality announcement photo cards make every baby look its very best.

Baby boy cards

With bonusprint, you can choose from a selection of baby boy card templates. Popular themes include sailors and woodland animals, or simply create another of your own using our age-appropriate clip art. For example, why not decorate one of our new baby boy cards with dinosaurs or rockets? As you'd expect, various shades of blue are a go-to for baby boy announcement cards, but again it's entirely up to you. Whatever your preferences, creating a baby card for a boy couldn't be easier with bonusprint.

Baby girl cards

We have a whole bouquet of baby girl card ideas too. Whether you fancy a bunny rabbit theme or borders of flowers and leaves, we've got you covered. And remember, once you've selected one of our baby girl announcement cards, you can add your own creative flourishes. It doesn't matter if you want something traditionally pretty or quirkily original, designing a birth card for a girl is a fun, intuitive process with bonusprint.

Personalised new baby cards

Fully personalised, our new baby birth cards let you bring your own creativity into the process. To make sure you get the perfect finished article, you can choose from different paper sizes, formats and paper qualities. You can upload photos to your personalised baby announcement cards, add your own text and change the font. And with our suite of editing tools, it's easy to create your own banner messages, or drag and click various shapes and effects into place. It's these individual touches that make our personalised birth announcement cards feel so warm and genuine.

Black and white baby cards

If you want to avoid the customary blue for boy and pink for girl, how about opting for a black and white baby card instead? Baby cards in black and white have a timeless quality, and they can give a more artistic feeling to whatever photographs you choose to upload. It's an especially good choice when you team it with glossy coated paper which brings out the contrast in black and white images. Or try combining a black and white photo with a coloured border for a more contemporary, original baby card design. Needless to say, you'll find a good selection of original birth card templates on our site.

Unique and vintage baby cards

If you like to keep things traditional, you'll discover several appealing vintage baby card ideas among our templates, from retro flower patterns to Victorian-style lace effects. At the same time, for those who prefer a fresh, young approach, there are plenty of contemporary, unique baby announcement card notions, ranging from comical cartoons to smart minimalist designs. Whichever you settle on, our beautiful baby cards are crafted to the highest standards. And of course, you can always create totally unique baby cards of your own.

Make or design your own baby cards

What if none of our baby card designs quite hits the mark? No problem. Simply start afresh with a blank template and create a baby card that yours alone. You might want to begin with a favourite photo, and build a concept around that. Or maybe a toy or item of clothing will suggest a theme. If it's all about a beautiful studio portrait, then you might want to make your baby card from our premium 340g matt paper which delivers rich, natural colours. Even if you're a total perfectionist, making your own baby card is a fast, streamlined process with our online creator tools.

Buy new baby cards at bonusprint? Start right away!

You can buy new baby cards in as many sets of ten as you want. If you're ordering birth cards online in bulk, then it's a good idea to check with us by email to see what discounts are available. And when you buy birth announcements from us, you can expect delivery in up to seven days. After that, all you have to do is send out the cards and wait for the congratulations to pour in.

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I order Christmas cards every year to send to my customers from my company. I’ve used a number of companies and Bonusprint are by far the best for quality and accuracy of colour.


I buy these cards every year, great quality and price.

Mrs Jane Cressey

Lovely cards! I like that you can put photos inside and at the back of the card too. Photo quality was excellent

Katie Mitchell

Excellent quality and speedy serice. Thank you.


Perfect quality product with a matching price tag


Excellent service and website, very quick delivery


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