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Communion invitations

Communion invitations

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Photo communion invitations

Our first holy communion photo invitations are a great way of getting friends and family to celebrate this watershed in a young person's life. It means something that you've taken the time to embellish the card with your choice of words and images. Not too much time, however – our first communion photo invitations might look highly professional, but they're a cinch to design with our online editing suite.

First holy communion invitations

A first holy communion is an important turning point in a young life. With bonusprint, you can create an invitation to first holy communion that truly reflects the significance of the occasion. It doesn't matter whether you fancy a light-hearted first communion party invitation, or something more traditional. Our first communion invitations come in a range of shapes, sizes and themes, but they're all made to a very high quality, and there are premium options too for a truly classy finish.

Communion invitations for girls

If you're sending out communion invitations for a girl, we have lots of inspiring ideas and resources. Eye-catching clip art, playful fonts, vibrant colour choices – you'll find them all here. Obviously, when you're creating your first communion invitations, the girl herself should be centre stage, that's why we've made it easy to upload hi-def photos. And when you select one of our premium paper options, our holy communion invitations for girls are as luxurious to the touch as they are attractive to the eye.

Communion invitations for boys

We can offer many a helpful hint when it comes to boys' holy communion invitations too. Just browse through our templates, and you'll see that we have a number of sleek, stylish first communion invitations ideal for a boy. Just remember, they're all fully customisable, so you can add those tweaks to make it your own. For example, you could contrast a formal picture of the young man with a more casual one of him taking part in a sport or other activity. Whatever your choose, our invitations to a boy's communion are sure to get a warm response.

Personalised communion invitations

Our personalised first communion invitations allow you to bring something new and creative to this most traditional of greeting cards. Just how creative you want to be is up to you. You can make a few adjustments from a pre-existing design, or start with a blank slate. And it's not just about adding the right photo. You might want to choose a favourite colour for the background, or pen a message that tugs at the heart-strings or tickles the funny bone. When you set about creating one of our personalised holy communion invitations, you'll soon discover you have a wealth of options.

Make and print your own communion invitations

Making your own communion invitations might seem like a lot of effort. But with bonusprint, it really isn't. It takes no more than a few seconds to get the hang of our online creator tools. After that, you can create your communion invitation in as little as a couple of minutes, although obviously you can lavish more time on the project if you so desire. Printing your own communion invitations requires a longer wait – usually between five and seven days – but we're sure you'll be happy with the results. Lovely to look at and fun to make, our communion invitations really add to what is already a very happy time in the family calendar.

Buy communion invitations at bonusprint!

There's plenty of choice too when you buy your communion invitations. You can order as few as ten, or many more. Depending on your budget, there are one-sided, two-sided and folding versions, plus a range of paper options, all so you can tailor your purchase precisely to your needs. And remember, when you place an order for a set of communion invitations, it's satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So what have you got to lose except a few minutes creating the perfect invitation card?

Why people love bonusprint

8.8 based on 251 reviews


I think Bonusprint offer their cutomers a great choice of products that enable you to be creative. The support for phorobook is particularly good and flexible but most importantly fun!


Good quality as always.


A very good print and colours are great


We had run out of cards and the card shops are still closed, so took a photo and added background and border - and we are really pleased with the result. Great quality, lovely colour and fast delivery. A great alternative in these strange times - should have thought of it before Covid forced us to!

S Naylor

Great quality, colours true. Great product, very pleased!

Beverley Wightman

Was able to include a lot of photos on one card. Print quality is good but fold is a tiny bit off. Surprisingly good price!


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