Celebrate together with our school and team photo books

Whether it's the kids favourite school moments or their match days, relive it all with a high-quality photo book. Why not make one for their team and classmates? You'll save up to 55% with our bulk offer, too.

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Celebrate together with our school and team photo books

Whether it's the kids favourite school moments or their match days, relive it all with a high-quality photo book. Why not make one for their team and classmates? You'll save up to 55% with our bulk offer, too.

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Our state of the art editor suite makes creation easy, fast and fun on all your devices.


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From the print to the paper and cover, our photo books are made with the greatest care and highest quality - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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Customise your photo book the way you want with our huge library of backgrounds, layouts, cliparts and hand made illustrations.

Create books for everyone in a flash

Celebrate your kids happiest days throughout the year with a fun, high-quality photo book. Make one for the whole class or team too — you’ll get up to 55% off with our bulk offer and free shipping on top. Take a look at our new pre-designed themed photo books. They will help you save time when creating with plenty of themes to suit every occasion.

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Create a Personal School Photo Book

Whether it's for the first day of school or graduation, with a school photo book, you can look back on the most beautiful, funniest, and most significant moments of your child's last few years and create a personal gift for teachers, the sports team, or even the entire class. Explore our themed photo books and create personalized school books to document the highlights of your child's school years.

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Perfect for Graduation: A School Photo Book

As the school years come to an end, a personal school book is a wonderful keepsake that ensures all the special moments, anecdotes, and experiences are not forgotten. Include all class photos, photos with friends, and the best snapshots from class trips and outings in the book to see all the school year highlights in one place.

Tip: Add a few blank text fields so that classmates can immortalize themselves in your school book with personal messages and quotes.

Photo Books with Pictures for the Entire Class

Why not create a book for the entire class or sports team? You can create fun before-and-after photos by comparing first-day-of-school photos with current ones to document how much everyone has grown. Choose from many great designs and add personal text to complement your photos with comments, dates, and anecdotes.

With our themed photo books, you already have pre-designed layouts available, into which you only need to place your photos. Layflat-bound school books are especially suitable for class photos since they can be printed seamlessly across both pages.

Photo Book as a Farewell Gift for Teachers

A photo book is a beautiful gift to thank teachers for their efforts. You can insert the highlights of recent years, including all class photos, from the first day of school to the current photos. Another nice idea is to insert individual student photos with personal messages. With a personal photo book for the teacher, you ensure that they will never forget your class.

Ideas for Back-to-School Books

Even if your child's school career is still ahead of them, a photo book can be a thoughtful gift idea. Collect the best family photos or the funniest snapshots of their four-legged friend so your child can flip through them anytime. Also, ask relatives to write encouraging messages in the book so that your little one knows that you all have their back, even on stressful days.

In our editor, you can personalize school books with different layouts and use your child's favorite motifs. Customize the photo book to give your child a special treat.

How to Create a School or Team Photo Book

Do you want to capture your child's greatest victories and exciting moments? That's where a school book or team book comes in handy. In just a few steps, you can order unique school books in our editor:

  1. Choose a Design: Browse through our pre-designed layouts and choose a design related to "school" or "sports." From classic to trendy, there's plenty of options, so you're sure to find one that suits you.
  2. Select Size and Format: Do you want a large photo book for yourself or several small ones to give as gifts? You can choose from numerous sizes and formats to find the right version for you.
  3. Upload Photos: Collect photos from class trips, important games, or just everyday snapshots that are perfect for your school book. You can also collaborate with other parents or classmates for this.
  4. Get Creative: Now you can play with colors, layouts, and stickers and add funny comments and quotes to make the photo book even more personal.

With bonusprint, you can easily order photo school books online. Discover our themed photo books and choose from many different designs for every occasion.

Also, keep an eye out for our quantity discounts and get a discount on school books - ideal if all classmates should receive a copy.

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