6 tips for a stunning panorama photo book

Dramatic landscapes and captivating skylines are some of the most stunning scenes to photograph. The 6 tips below can help you capture these incredible scenes on camera and showcase them in the most impressive way possible in your photo book.

1. Use the panorama option on your smartphone

Most mobile phone cameras have an option for taking panorama pictures (look for ‘Panorama’ or a small ‘mountain’ icon in your camera’s settings). To use the panorama feature, simply move your camera over the view while holding the shutter button. Make sure the arrow follows the straight line to keep the horizon stable. The result is a long stretched photo – perfect for a 2 page spread in a landscape photo book!

2. There is panorama in everything you see

Views from a mountain top aren’t the only scenes that are perfect for landscape or panoramic photos. Look around and you’ll see that you can create an interesting panorama photo out of anything!
A panorama photo doesn’t always have to be of the landscape. There is panorama worth shooting in everyday life too!

3. Use ‘panoramic style’ as a design element in your book

Use the best panorama pics to create an index page. Make stretched imagery a style element.

4. What’s the best photo book layout for panoramic photos?

There is of course no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ way to place a panorama photo in your photo book, but as you can see in the examples below, different layouts create different visual effects. White space creates a more compact feeling and strongly directs the viewer’s eye to the center of the picture. Full bleed on the other hand is more open and is calmer to look at. Choosing a layout is a matter of taste, try switching between the two options to see which one you prefer. Extra tip: try placing the horizon on 1/3 of the photo placeholder for a more interesting effect.
White space: gives strong direction of where to look (centre of photo). This layout also offers room for your text.
Full bleed: more calming to look at, yet more dramatic at the same time.

5. Use the Layflat Premium option for that extra wow factor!

After all the careful attention that’s gone into your photo book, choose the printing option that will make your panoramic photos look their best! Use our Layflat Premium option to have your photos printed across the page without interruption, for a completely seamless photo book.
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