The secret of making beautiful holiday photo books

Taking beautiful photos while on holiday is easy. Taking them for a holiday photo book however, is another matter. Before heading off to the sun, read these holiday photo book ideas that will help you take photos that aren’t just beautiful, but also ‘photobookable’!

1. Capture your holiday story through photos

Photos are like words, they can tell stories. So instead of adding photos to your holiday book randomly, select sequence shots (photos taken in sequence during a certain event) and use them to capture your holiday stories. Even the most unremarkable events can add unique twists to a holiday photo book.
Take a look at the sequence of these photos. Do you catch a story?

2. Take photos that are based on one theme

Be a photographer on a mission. Take photos based on a central theme. For example, take photos that are ‘reminiscent of a previous era’: broken street signs, a Fiat 500 or beautiful, old doors. You could also pick just one colour as your theme!
Here are some photos based on the colour yellow. Nice isn’t it? So give yourself, or the kids, the task of picking a theme and spotting things that fit it.

3. Add panoramic shots across two pages

Without a doubt, the best way to display photos in a book is nice and big! So, take beautiful panoramas of breathtaking landscapes and skylines! Remember, when taking a photo for a two-page spread, it always helps to take as wide a shot as possible.
If you plan to feature most of your photos across two pages then consider going for the lay flat option! This allows books to lay completely flat when open.

4. Pick the photo that says it all for the cover

No matter how often we hear otherwise, a book is judged by its cover, so make sure to take a very special photo for it! A photograph that leaves enough room to add text is ideal. Some creative ideas include drawing the title of your book in the sand and taking a picture of it or photographing flags, maps or signposts that show where you’ve been.

5. Holiday mementos – add them too!

Plane tickets, cards, brochures, restaurant bills, maps — save details that remind you of what you did during your holiday! You can place them under the scanner or take photos of them. Adding these images will put the final touch on your book and make it ooze with holiday spirit.
Really, you can put anything under the scanner: foreign currency, the feathers of a seagull found on the beach, a telephone card you used to call home… anything!

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