Seven tips to make a graduation photo book

By Bonusprint on 25 June 2020

For all those finishing their studies, congratulations! We know graduating this summer will be a unique experience. Many students won’t have the chance for a normal graduation ceremony — but we can’t let that stop them celebrating. Whether it’s you, or someone in your family or friend group, that’s graduating, why not create a personalised bonusprint graduation photo book to mark the moment? We’ve put together a list of tips and ideas on how to create a fantastic photo book, filled with words, pictures and more to mark their graduation.

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The highlights package

Everyone’s university experience is unique, and graduation is a true milestone in a person’s life. With bonusprint, creating a photo book to document all the great friendships, moments, and fun times of these years couldn’t be simpler. Fill your photo book with as many photos, quotes, stories, and memories as you can— it’s a perfect way to fit all those highlights into one place.

Don’t forget to add words

With bonusprint it’s super simple to add in your own quotes, favourite stories, silly jokes, funny moments, and more with our text editor. It’s a great way to customise with captions things that are unique to your, your kid or grandkid’s experience. You can even leave spaces for handwritten notes, just like in an old school yearbook.

It’s great to collaborate

Get your detective hat on and reach out to people who’ve played an important role for the person you’re making the photo book for. Think about creating a chapter for specific people, teams or groups. But don’t just go for friends — think outside the box and get quotes, pics, stories and more from teachers and mentors, as well as bosses and bar owners (if they’re graduating college!). Anyone who’s been involved in the graduation story should be included. You never know what you might find out!

It’s not all about portraits

When you think about a graduation photo book, or any yearbook, you’d probably imagine a bunch of posed portrait photos on every page. Take this opportunity to create something brand new — don’t be restrained by the norms, break with tradition and make a truly unique photo book. Be as creative as you can, mix it up and include candid photos that capture the moment alongside more formal ones. Remember that you don’t just have to have pics — with bonusprint it’s really simple to add in text, illustrations, borders, backgrounds and more.

Celebrate your friendships

Graduating from university really is the end of an era. It’s a time that friendships have been made that’ll last a lifetime. For those very special people, words can’t always describe how important your relationship is. Making a photo book that tells the story of your life together is a simple to make, yet thoughtful present that they’ll love forever. Check out our storytelling tips right here for some inspiration.

Go back to the start

If you’re making a graduation book for a child or grandchild, think about going back further than the few years they’ve been studying — take things right back to day one. Tell the story from the day they were born to first steps, junior school and beyond. You’ll have a great archive of pics from their birth right up to the present day, just waiting to be used. Creating a photo book that covers the baby to young adult years is an amazing gift for someone about to take the next step into adulthood.

Use one of our pre-designed books

If creative block has got you stumped on how to design your book, or maybe you’re just pushed for time, don’t worry at all, we’ve got you covered. Choosing from any of our great selection of pre-designed photo books means that you can focus on the fun — picking the photos you want to use. Check out our range right here. We hope we’ve inspired you with our tips on how to make the perfect graduation book. All that’s left now for you to do is head over to our photo books page and get creating!

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