bonusprint’s guide to family spring activities

By Bonusprint on 30 March 2023

Check out the bonusprint guide to fun family ideas for spring. We’ve compiled a list of activities everyone can enjoy this season.

Now that it’s spring, we can look forward to blue skies, warmer weather, and the promise that summer is just around the corner. It’s also a perfect time to create some new memories with your family. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of activities you can do, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s camping, creating a bonusprint recipe book with your family, or competing in a bake-off, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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Is your family looking for a way to unplug, relax and get outdoors? Camping could be the perfect solution. Spend time connecting with nature and teaching the kids valuable life skills, like setting up tents, cooking meals, and even tying knots! Have a cozy night by the campfire, share stories and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Whether it’s one night, a full weekend or a week, camping is a great way to bring everyone closer together.

Picnic at the park

Want to make the most of a sunny spring day? Pack a picnic and head to the park. It’s a fun, affordable family activity and a chance to spend quality time outside. Pair up to make sandwiches, a new dish, or even a fruity drink everyone can share. Besides delicious food, take it as an opportunity to soak in some much-needed vitamin D – but don’t forget the sunscreen!

Create your family recipe book

Everyone in the family has a speciality dish or a favourite food, so why not combine some of the family’s legendary meals from every generation? Get grandma’s secret recipes written down so they’ll never get lost — it’s also a great way to pass on her methods to the youngsters of the family. For those that haven’t decided on their signature dish yet, find out their favourite meal and search for the recipe. Using the bonusprint online editor, it couldn’t be easier to create your very own personalised family favourite cookbook. Check out our amazing range of pre-designed customisable recipe books to get started.

Refresh your space

Spring is traditionally the time to have a clear out and start anew, and one of the simplest ways to revamp your living space is to update the wall art. We offer a wide range of wall art options from aluminium prints to canvases to hang on your wall, and using our online editor, they couldn’t be more straightforward to create. Whether you want to relive your travels, enjoy those extra special family moments, or simply want to create some stunning art for your walls, it couldn’t be easier to refresh your rooms.

Send out personalised cards

When you’re missing family and friends, a thoughtful way to stay in touch is by sending them a personalised card. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to let them know you’re thinking of them, our massive range of cards have you covered. There’s also the option to add a personalised message and play with the layout, so you can send them something unique that will definitely bring a smile to their face.

Family to-do lists and calendars

Make sure no one in the family misses a date or important event this year with one of our personalised photo calendars. Not only can you choose when the 12-month calendar starts, with our online editor you can add in your own birthdays, anniversaries, game nights, and other special events. As well as keeping the whole family organised, they make fantastic gifts too, if you feel like surprising someone special.

The great family bake off

Get the competitive spirit running in the family by holding a bake off. Choose teams, themes, and set time limits to create some magical bakes that the whole family can enjoy at the end. It’s up to you who judges the finished baked goods, but rest assured they’re in for a treat. Not only will the house be filled with the delicious smells of baking, but your camera will be full of magical moments and content to fill your family recipe book too.

Spring is such a great time to spend with your family — to relive old times and also to look forward to creating new memories. Whether you’re thinking of refreshing your walls with new art, creating photo books of the fun you get up to, or starting a new calendar to share with your nearest and dearest, head over to our homepage now and get creating.