Create birthday invitation cards in a few simple steps

By Bonusprint on 6 September 2022

Spread the word about your next birthday with personalised birthday invitation cards from bonusprint. Here’s how to create yours in a few simple steps.

Party time! Get ahead of the game for your next celebration with personalised birthday invitation cards from bonusprint. We’ve made customising your own cards as simple as possible with our pre-designed themes. If you want to let your creativity flow and create your own from scratch, we’ve got simple tips to get you started too.

Make a plan

All our photo cards are so easy to customise, you don’t need much prep to get started, but it helps to think ahead. Consider what photo or photos you want to use, and what format would show off your snaps the best; would you go for portrait for one big photo on the front, or maybe a landscape with a collage effect for lots of little photos? Think about the amount of text you want to add — if you have lots of info to include about your event, then a simpler design could work well, so that your card doesn’t look too cluttered. Have a think if you’d like to make thank you cards for your party guests after as well, that way you can shop for matching card designs in our collection to help you narrow it down.

Choose a theme

Now it’s time to choose the design you like best. Think about the overall theme or the atmosphere you want to achieve at your party. We have a huge range of exclusive pre-designed cards for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find a card that’ll suit your event. If you’re hosting a low-key evening, maybe with a dinner or you’re hoping for a more sophisticated party, then a classic or elegant design would work really well. A modern and bold design would suit a birthday bash full of music and dancing. There are great kids’ themes too, so your little one can invite everyone from their class and get them all excited for the big day.

Get personalising

When time isn’t on your side, our pre-designed cards are perfect for those last-minute invitations and thank you cards because all you need to do is add your photos and the details of your party. To add the time, date, and location, or any extra info about a theme or fancy-dress code, click on a text box and get typing.

If you’ve got a little more time to play with and want to use our designs as a head start, you can customise whatever you like. Pick a design, then take it back to basics to put your own stamp on it. Upload your photo, and if you think a different colour would help your shots shine, then it’s really simple to swap the background or to change a frame in our editor. You can also create your own designs from scratch. Click on ‘create your card’, then have some fun with your blank canvas.

Time for the finishing touches

You can customise with clip art in a snap too. Swap out existing icons or illustrations, or you can add some extras for a playful finishing touch. Browse through our different clip art categories to find the perfect fit for your design.

Almost done — time to pick your paper

When you’re happy with your card, preview your design, then pick the size you want. The final step is to pick your paper finish — you can keep it matt, add gloss, or upgrade to extra-matt for a thicker card and a crisp print that’ll help those colours pop.

Send to print

All you need to do now is check out. Not only are our cards easy to customise, but they also come in packs of ten, and they include envelopes too. So, you can tick off your entire guestlist in a couple of clicks. Once you’ve placed your order, your packs of cards will be delivered to your door, ready for you to hand-sign them, then post them to your party guests.

So, get customising those bonusprint invitation cards, start creating your matching thank yous, and get ready to party. We hope you have a great day, whatever you’ve got planned.

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