Matt or gloss paper – which is best for your next bonusprint photo prints? It can be confusing to know what sort of finish your photo prints should have. We thought we’d make things a little clearer for you and make sure you get more from your moments.

Do you always have to choose gloss?

Photos are always glossy, right? Well yes, traditionally when you’re getting them developed in a lab, but who has time for that these days? Remember that you’ve always got options when you’re ordering your bonusprint photo prints.

Matt or gloss – what’s the difference?

First, let’s explain what each of the finishes mean.

Gloss finish

This is the most common finish with developed photographs. As you’d expect, they’re called this because a glossy layer is applied over the image, creating a shiny and reflective finish. The reason a lot of people go with this for their bonusprint photo prints is that the gloss layer accentuates the colour intensity and sharpness, giving the paper and photographs a more luxurious finish. However, a gloss finish does mean that light will reflect more off your photo prints and from some angles you won’t be able to see the photograph as well as you might like. Another thing to bear in mind with a gloss finish is they are more delicate, so fingerprints can leave marks on the photo prints if left unprotected.

Matt finish

A matt finish is not as delicate as a gloss one but will give you more muted colours. Although you won’t get as dynamic intensity as you do with gloss, prints with a matt finish won’t suffer from glare or any problems with reflections hindering your viewing – so your bonusprint photo prints can be enjoyed from any angle and in any light. You’ll also not have to worry about sticky fingerprints on any of the pages.

Matt or gloss – which finish will you go for?

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and what your bonusprint photo prints will be displayed. There is no right or wrong answer, but think about where you’ll be looking at your photo prints, or who you’ll be giving them to.

Whichever finish you decide on, create your bonusprint photo prints in a huge range of sizes just the way you like them.

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