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Acrylic prints


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9.2 based on 66 reviews read more

Get museum quality prints right in your home! Acrylic enhances the colour luminance, depth and detail of your photo.

  • Sharp detail, beautiful shine
  • Free hanging system
  • Customers love us on Trustpilot

Create your own personalised acrylic prints

  • brush

    Sharp detail, beautiful shine

    Acrylic prints enhance the colour luminance, depth and detail of your photo.

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    Handcrafted with care

    Each acrylic print is handcrafted in our own production facility, guaranteeing the highest quality.

  • paper

    Ready to hang

    All our acrylic prints come with a wall mount attached, completely free.

A top quality acrylic print

We only use materials of the highest quality. We print your photo on the back of 5mm thick solid Acrylic. Both the front and sides of your acrylic print are professionally finished and cut to the perfect size. The Acrylic protects your photo from dust and scratches, is UV resistant and suitable for outdoors. So your acrylic print lasts for years!

Make your wall art stand out

Pick the perfect spot on your wall and give your acrylic print an extra touch by adding layouts.

Layouts and mosaic grids

Use one of our 200 unique layouts to display multiple photos together on your mounted print. You can further customise it by adjusting the colours and backgrounds – perfect for your favourite Instagram photos!

Ready to hang

Our hanging system allows you to hang your print at one suspension point, while the plastic cushion pads make sure your photo hangs parallel to the wall. For the biggest sizes (from 70 x 70 cm) a rectangular frame (r.r.p. £35) is added.


Acrylic prints delivery times

We aim to deliver your acrylic prints in 6-8 working days

Our shipping estimates include the time we take to carefully print and create your products before delivery.

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Why people love bonusprint

9.2 based on 66 reviews


Good value when a discount offer is used. Well finished with good colour reproduction and easy to hang.

Paul Bartlett

Adds a great depth to your photography


Stunning quality. Vibrant colours. Easy to mount

Stuart Field

My wallart was taken from a photograph from 1965. The quality was amazing.

Mr Carl Croft

Delighted with it

Jane Winfield

My second order for acrylic prints. Very high quality printing and finish brings out the colour intensity of the subjects - all wild parrots. They look wonderful when in full sunlight. They are very easy to put up using a single hanger which is well manufactured of steel and comes complete with screw and wall plug (drill no. 6 required). Mine are outside but under glass cover, so not the severest of environments but so far the originals remain in "good as new" condition. The alternative of canvas prints - of which I have a few - would not be suitable for this location. Value for money is based on offers of 50 and 60% reductions.

Paul Bartlett

The right material for all your wall art projects

− 50%

Poster printing

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Canvas prints

From £ 11.99

Mounted prints

From £ 15.99

Aluminium prints

From £ 21.99

Create photo prints on an acrylic sheet

It's easy to order prints on an acrylic sheet with bonusprint. To create acrylic prints, all you have to do is upload one or more photos, then make use of our clear, intuitive design tools. Once you're done, you're sure to be impressed by the finished product. Our acrylic wall prints are laid onto the back of sturdy 5mm thick sheets, with a glossy surface which adds an extra sparkle to beauty shots and foreign scenes alike. All edges and borders are machined to perfect smoothness. Stylish and modern, prints on acrylic sheets bring an extra dimension to even the most stunning photos.

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Acrylic prints UK

The choice of professional photographers, acrylic photo prints are the perfect, long-lasting medium for those extra-special images. Acrylic printing gives a luminosity and depth which really catch the eye. Whether it's a family portrait or scenes from an exotic holiday, you'll love the vibrant colours and pin-sharp detail. A photo on acrylic glass is also scratch resistant and impervious to house dust, and unlike an ordinary photo there's no danger of it fading in direct sunlight. Made from top quality materials, your acrylic photo print is rugged enough to hang outdoors in gardens and parks. At the same time, bonusprint's acrylic glass photo prints have a smooth finish which makes them a great fit for the most impeccable of interiors.

Large acrylic wall art

With bonusprint, you can use your photos to create a range of large acrylic wall art. Our large acrylic photo prints start at 60 x 40 cm and include 70 x 50 cm, 80 x 60 cm and 100 x 70 cm options, running all the way through to a whopping 120 x 80 cm. Smaller sizes are available too. Featuring discreet supporting frames, these substantial art pieces are just the thing for brightening up foyers and spacious hallways.

Acrylic photo collage

If one image simply won't tell the whole story, there are several fun ways of pulling together an acrylic collage featuring a collection of your favourite family snaps or Instagram moments. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, you can assemble a collage using individual acrylic prints of different sizes. Just group them together in the arrangement of your choice to create an eye-catching feature wall. Alternatively, use our online grid layout to combine up to 81 pictures in a single plexiglass collage. Smart and inventive, acrylic collages are a chic, contemporary way of celebrating friends, holidays and important occasions. Act now and order an acrylic print collage today.

Personalised acrylic wall art

Utilising our suite of online creator tools, it's easy to design personalised acrylic wall art that will inject an exciting new graphic element into your household or workplace. Our custom acrylic prints allow you to play with borders, background colours and various photographic effects to create a truly unique finished product. Which is why a customised acrylic print makes such an excellent one of a kind gift or interior design accessory.

Panoramic acrylic prints

Our panoramic acrylic prints in Landscape format are particularly good for bringing to life photographs featuring scenery or picturesque backdrops. Widely used in art galleries, acrylic prints are the best option when it comes to capturing intense colours and delivering an almost three-dimensional sense of perspective. So if you want to create a permanent memento of a skiing trip, country house wedding or tropical excursion, a panoramic acrylic print is the way to go. Not only that, you can also combine sheets vertically for an even more epic statement – a great fit for stairwells and other high-ceilinged spaces.

Buy acrylic prints

When you buy acrylic pictures from us, you can expect speedy delivery in high quality packaging. And unlike some acrylic photos you might purchase online, we offer a money back guarantee if you're anything less than thrilled with the result. Ordering acrylic prints is a creative yet simple way of taking your photography to the next level and enhancing your home with a one-off work of art. So why not pull out that photo album and buy an acrylic print right now?

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