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Aluminium prints


£ 23.99

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Easily our most versatile material, our aluminium prints can match the warmth or edge of any photo. It looks great with colour photos, and particularly brilliant with black and white shots. Each print is 3mm thick, consisting of three solid layers – the outer two from aluminium and the central layer from hard plastic – keeping it strong and sturdy. All our aluminium prints come ready to hang with a wall mount attached.

Create your own personalised aluminium prints

  • brush

    Versatile for your style

    Aluminium prints are great for a range of interior styles, including classic, contemporary, and industrial.

  • image_placeholder

    Metallic finish

    Take your photos to the next level with a metallic finish and a touch of gloss.

  • paper

    Perfect for black and white photos

    The perfect material to bring out the best in your black and white shots.

For an industrial look choose an aluminium print

Your photos are printed in sharp detail and a semi-gloss finish to prevent scratches, mounted on strong, 3mm thick Dibond material. Aluminium Dibond is equipped with a white underlay which brightens the white areas of your photo, making it perfect for your favourite black and white photos.

Make your wall art stand out

Pick the perfect spot on your wall and give your aluminium print an extra touch by adding layouts.

Layouts and mosaic grids

Use one of our 200 unique layouts to display multiple photos together on your aluminum print. You can further customise it by adjusting the colours and backgrounds – perfect for your favourite Instagram photos!

Ready to hang

Our mounted prints, aluminium, and acrylic prints come with pre-fitted hanging systems. We use a metal plate for sizes under 70cm, and a plastic frame for sizes above 70cm. All necessary screws and wall plugs are included.


Aluminium prints delivery times

We aim to deliver your aluminium prints in 6-8 working days

Our shipping estimates include the time we take to carefully print and create your products before delivery.

All shipping costs and delivery times

People love our aluminium prints

4.8 based on 121 reviews


I have bought several of these. The quality is high, delivery very good and the price always nice.

Dr Paul Gannney

Excellent crystal clear quality, and superb customer service and delivery, very pleased with the products received and only use bonus print for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Highly recommended.


Always happy with Bonus Print, great range of products and the aluminum prints we bought are really nice. We’ve bought larger ones before and they were just a good. Customer service is always great and delivery times and cost very reasonable

Simon G

It looks fantastic. I have brought it as a Christmas present and want to see if it survives being hung in the garage.

Vanessa Green

The photo turned out nice as an aluminium picture

Anne Hamilton

Very good quality, fast delivery, exactly what I hoped for.

Paul Jennings

The right material for all your wall art projects

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Aluminium prints UK

Thanks to our online tools, you can create aluminium prints of stunningly high quality in just a matter of moments. Simply choose from Portrait, Landscape and Square formats and select from a range of sizes. Once you've uploaded your photo, an impressive array of effects (including black and white and sepia) can make your aluminium photo prints look all the more artistic. And if you can't settle on a single image, why not create an aluminium print featuring up to 81 different pictures? Once you've taken full advantage of our layout options, your aluminium photo print is sure to be as chic and smart as it is full of personal sentiment.

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Aluminium prints

Searching for a fun, contemporary way of injecting new life into those family photos? Our premium aluminium prints offer razor-sharp image reproduction and a durability that will leave them looking good year after year. Suitable both for indoors and outdoors, photos on aluminium make a stylish addition to gardens, patios and terraces as well as all around the home. And that's not all, their versatile invisible hanging system ensures that aluminium mounted prints are just the thing for a range of other modern spaces too, adding a feeling of instant luxury to offices, foyers and waiting rooms. With their sparkling colours, deep contrast and close-grained detail, aluminium picture prints bring out the very best in your favourite photographs, turning personal moments into beautiful wall art. And when you order from bonusprint, a photo on aluminium is an absolute cinch to customise. Plus they are available in a selection of sizes and formats, allowing you to scale your project to the proportions of your wall space. Read on to learn about more aluminium print options.

Photo printing on aluminium

Metal photo prints are a long-lasting way of capturing treasured moments with family and friends. Resistant to ultraviolet rays and inclement weather, they'll stay vibrant season after season. An underlayer on each metal photo print creates bright whites and bold highlights. Meanwhile their semi-gloss finish guarantees that bonusprint's photos on metal are highly durable and scratch resistant. Not only that, you'll be astonished by the illusion of depth on our aluminium printed pictures, with results that look almost life-like.

Dibond photo prints

All of bonusprint's aluminium photos are made from Dibond aluminium. Dibond photo prints are superior because they consist of two layers of aluminium around a tough inner layer of plastic. This means no buckling, rippling or flimsiness, just smooth, even surfaces which add to the professionalism of the finished product. And because it's so sturdy, a Dibond photo print is the perfect medium for large, poster-size images.

Best aluminium prints

It's the attention to detail which makes ours the best aluminium prints you'll find anywhere on the internet. Made to your specifications, our custom aluminium prints come with a padded suspension system to ensure that they hang neatly against the wall. In addition, large aluminium prints measuring 50 x 50 cm upwards feature a supporting frame to likewise guarantee that they rest securely in place. In both cases, the method of suspension is hidden from the front so that nothing distracts from the image on display.

Buy aluminium prints online from bonusprint

When you buy aluminium prints online from bonusprint, you can expect delivery within a couple of working days. If for any reason you're not totally delighted with your order, we'll give you a refund. So act now and buy metal prints to adorn your home and garden.

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