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Photo magnets

Set of 9


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    • Easily detachable set of 9 magnets
    • Flexible material
    • Create it in a few clicks

    Discover our photo magnets

    Turn your funny and laugh-out-loud moments into Photo Magnets. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your fridge (or whiteboard) and great for gifting to your loved ones.


    Easily detachable

    Our set of 9 Photo Magnets are great for showing off your best memories. Enjoy one photo per magnet and swap them around as much as you want with their easy-to-detach format.


    Flexible, long-lasting material

    Easy to handle, hard to break. Our magnets are made with a durable material, leaving your memories to shine in all their glory.


    Create in just a few steps

    With our easy and intuitive Instant Editor, your personalised magnet set is just a few clicks away.


    Magnet delivery times

    Expect your magnets in 7 working days.

    Our shipping estimates include the time we take to carefully print and create your products before delivery.

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    Fridge magnets with photos

    Stick your favourite moments on your fridge and hold your memos in place with personalised fridge magnets. With bonusprint, you can create a set of nine fridge magnets with photos of your happiest holidays or most cherished family outings. Spruce up your office or design unique gifts for your loved ones with personalised magnets.

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    Your customised fridge magnets

    Create individual picture magnets for the fridge for each family member to organise chores and appointments. Or brighten up your whiteboard at the office with custom photo magnets to make meetings more fun. From organising your to-do lists to leaving little notes, personalised magnets are a handy addition to your home and office.

    Each set includes nine personalised photo magnets that are easily detachable, so even the little ones can handle them. They’re also made from a soft but durable material. You can move them around as much as you want and will never have to worry when they fall down. And the best part: They are a wonderful way of remembering your favourite holiday memories or family moments!

    Why personalised photo fridge magnets make great gifts

    Are you looking for a small but personal gift for your loved ones? A photo magnet is the perfect choice! They fit any occasion and make a lovely present for friends, family or colleagues. Or why not design personalised fridge magnets for your wedding and give them to your guests? You can also showcase the photos of your new baby and send the magnets to the grandparents. From birthday gifts to Christmas presents – fridge magnets with photos are trendy, affordable giveaways for any event!

    How to deck your fridge in photo magnets

    Whether you want to remember a unique summer holiday or need a quick personal gift, with our editor it’s easy to create customised fridge magnets in no time:

    1. Choose your photos: Go through your phone, social media or desktop to pick nine magnet pictures for your set.
    2. Order your magnets: When you are happy with your choice, it’s time to order your magnets.
    3. Use them: Stick them on your fridge or any other magnetic surface to hang your notes and relive your most joyful memories!

    Why our personalised magnets shine

    Personalised photo magnets are versatile and cheerful photo gifts for yourself or a loved one. And thanks to their durable material, they’re hard to break even if your little one gets hold of them. But that’s not the only reason we love them:

    • Flexible, long-lasting material
    • Easily detachable
    • Set of nine favourite moments
    • Easy to create with just a few clicks
    • Fun and affordable gifts for any occasion

    Convinced? Then open our editor and turn your happiest snapshots into trendy magnets.

    Create your fridge magnets with photos with bonusprint

    Have your weekly shopping list always in sight or display your kid’s latest masterpiece with customised fridge magnets. Ready with just a few clicks, they bring your fridge to life and make original gifts for any occasion. From family memories to the best party pics – design original picture magnets for your fridge with bonusprint.

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