How to make great photo gifts

By Bonusprint on 21 September 2023

Who better to ask for advice on how to make personalised gifts with our themed products than our creative team? Check out our top tips and tricks to making the best photo products with bonusprint.

From custom photo books to wall art, we have a huge range of themed photo products at bonusprint that make amazing personalised gifts. If you need ideas for gifts with photos, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips on how to create some of our most popular themed products and turn them into presents for any occasion.

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Creating a family planner

When there’s a bunch of you in the house, it really makes sense to create something that keeps tabs on the places you all have to be. One of the best ways to do that is with one of our personalised family planners. They’re great for your own family, but also make fantastic personalised photo gifts to keep everyone on track for the year ahead. easy.

Have a look at our ‘crafted planner’ themed calendar design. It’s got a really natural look and is a great option if you want to add multiple photos on one page using our layouts tool. Our design team recommends that when creating your family planner, it’s good to determine a style to go with and to stick with it. You’ll find that when you make use of consistent layouts – even if you make your own adjustments – it will make the pages all blend together perfectly throughout the calendar.

Customising modern calendars

Not everyone wants an overly decorative calendar or anything that’s too seasonal. We get that – you do have it hanging on your wall all year round, after all. If you’re looking for the easiest way to make a personalised photo gift that’s a bit more stylish and modern, we find that less is more when it comes to adding photos to the pages of your custom photo calendar – you need to make that white space work. Using one large image for each calendar month creates a minimal look and gives the impact you want. One of our bestselling themed calendars is the ‘simple script’ calendar design – it’s an ideal choice for anyone with a contemporary-styled home.

Sending custom cards

When you’re sending cards out to your nearest and dearest, our creative teams all agree that it’s a great idea to keep things personal, fun, and lighthearted. They reckon that if you love sharing inside jokes with your friends and sending upbeat messages to your family, then something bright and bold would probably be the best choice in terms of your personalised card design. If that’s the sort of thing that floats your boat, then our ‘bright and beautiful’ themed cards are what you’re after. Check out the design here. It comes in a choice of matt, extra matt, and gloss paper finishes, too.

Tips for writing miss-you cards

It’s never the wrong moment to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. We asked our copywriting team for their advice on writing cards to let someone know they’re in your thoughts. They told us that a classic and simple ‘Thinking of you’ will do the job for most people, but when writing for close friends or family, you should keep things as personal as possible.

The team also added that you should make sure your message and the style of your card work well together. They suggested a card with a modern design keeps things simple, so a short and sweet but thoughtful message would work well with it. Check out our ‘homemade photo booth’ themed card design for more inspiration.

Make the most of white space

You know you’ve stumbled upon a design department when you hear people talking about white space. So we stopped by and asked ours what that actually means. The designers all took their headphones off and told us that white space is actually very powerful when used in a photo album or customised photo book. When you use white space around your pictures, it makes them stand out more, and it gives your pages a fresh clean look.

White, our creative designers add, also goes well with any photo. Make sure to leave an area of white around your photos, as this will give them a natural frame and make the photo itself really pop and stand out. Check out our ‘classic travel’ themed photo book to see how white space really helps to make photos shine.

Making a baby photo book

We love the beautiful baby books people make with us, so you won’t be surprised that we have loads of gorgeous themed photo book options to help you create one. If you’re thinking of making a photo book about your new arrival, then keep in mind who it’s going to be for. If it’s a book for yourself, then you could keep things simple and tell your baby’s story in milestones. If it’s a gift for proud grandparents who might not have had a chance to meet their grandchild yet, think about adding in sweet pregnancy stories and anecdotes from the journey so they can enjoy those first precious few months even more.

Our ‘pure and simple’ themed photo book is, as you’d imagine, a brilliantly simple and clean way of laying out your baby photo book. Check it out here.

Keep things consistent

As we ended our trip around the creative department, we thought we’d ask if they had one overriding piece of advice for using any of our bonusprint themed photo products as personalised photo gifts. And they were unanimous in their answer – be consistent! Make sure you keep consistency with the fonts, shapes, colours, and general look. When you come to add your own customisations to your page, try to find something that matches one or more colours that appear in your pictures. This could be as simple as making the title or text a certain colour or, if you’re adding shapes to your design, make sure the colour reflects your overall theme, too.

If you’re starting a design from scratch, you could pick a couple of colours from the ‘colours on-trend’ dropdown menu in the online editor and make sure you keep using those throughout the photo book for that all-important consistency. A great example of this is seen in one of our favourite themed photo books: ‘pop art’. This features a bold look and shows how using consistent colours, shapes, and patterns can be super effective.

We hope our expert advice has inspired you to make your own fantastic photo products and helped you figure out which ones work best for you. Now all you need to do is start creating. Have a browse on our website for themed products that will match your project, or get started straight away by clicking the button below.

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