Simple portrait tips for Father’s Day

By Bonusprint on 30 May 2023

Get great snaps of dad for a Father’s Day photo book, with these simple portrait photography tips from bonusprint.

A photo of a family hugging on a beach at sunset.

Designing a bonusprint photo book is a brilliant idea for Father’s Day, and we’ve made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to create one. To make your very own Father’s Day photo book simply follow these three steps:

1 – Choose your favourite photos of dad

2 – Get creative with your book

3 – Have it delivered to your door or his

To make it even easier, our incredible Smart Assistant can even select your best photos for you, meaning you’ll have the book laid out in minutes. Once it’s designed and ordered you can even share a digital version with the rest of the family instantly. If dad’s usually the one behind the camera, or you just want more snaps where he’s the star of the show, check out these simple portrait tips to help you fill your photo book with tonnes of amazing shots. You can give them a try if you just want to polish up your portrait photography skills too.

How to take a classic portrait

A portrait photo of an older man laughing. There are trees in the background, which are blurry, but the man is in focus.

If you’re new to portrait photography, figuring out the basics is the best way to start. Once you’ve mastered taking a classic portrait, you can use it as a foundation then start experimenting.

1. Use a wide aperture

If you’re using a DSLR, set your lens to the widest aperture possible. This will help you blur the background and draw all the focus to your dad. For some extra aperture hints, take a look at our photography guide.

2. Find a good background

Think carefully about the background. The cleaner and less cluttered it is, the less distracting it’ll be in your portrait. Usually, all you need for a good background is a wall or a hedge. Just ask your dad to stand a few metres away from it.

3. Focus on the eyes

Eyes always capture a viewer’s attention in a photo, so make sure they’re as sharp as possible in your portrait.

4. Take lots of photos

Your subject will get more comfortable the more photos you take. Make sure you take quite a few to give them the chance to get used to the camera; your photos will look much more natural as a result.

Recreate a special photo

A photo of an older man and his son fishing in a boat on a lake.

Have you got a photo of dad that you’ve always loved – it might be a snap from when you were a kid or a retro family photo that always made you laugh? You can recreate it to relive your favourite moment. Try and get everyone to wear outfits to match the original picture or pose in the same way as you all did the first time around.

Focus on the details

A close-up photo of a pair of man’s hands, covered in soil, holding a cloth.

Those little things that only you notice about your dad can make a portrait say even more about him. You could include objects that you know he loves, like his favourite chair or a sweater that you always see him wearing. You could also focus on little quirks or features; maybe his hands are a bit weathered from always working outside, or he might have traits or mannerisms that you’ve only ever associated with your dad. Just think about what makes him unique and try and capture that.

Show him doing something he loves

A photo of an older man, sat on a couch, playing an acoustic guitar.

To show a bit more of your dad’s personality, you can capture him doing something he loves. If he’s a collector, photograph him in front of all his memorabilia. For a dad that loves food, capture him in the kitchen. And if he lives for sport, make sure you get an action shot of him during a game.

You can also organise an activity to do together, then collect all the photos you take on the day and make a dedicated photo book.

Get the whole family involved

A photo of a family hugging on a beach at sunset.

The most important thing to your dad will be you and the family. There’s no better way to show what means the world to him than by getting everyone together for a family photo.

If you need to brush up on your photography skills before you take your portrait, check out our introduction to photography basics to get started. Then you can experiment with your shots and capture everything that makes your dad one of a kind for a photo book he’ll love forever.

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