Everything you need to know about our Layflat Premium photo books

By Bonusprint on 24 August 2023

Get the best out of your photos with our premium layflat photo books. We’ve put together a short introduction into what premium layflat is and the best way to display your photo book.

Premium lay flat photo books

Our premium layflat photo book binding will take your photo book designs to the next level. It removes the crease in the middle of your books, allowing your photos to run seamlessly across two pages making it perfect for your favourite landscape shots. Here we’ll give you some ideas on which photos to use, how to create your book, and how to display it in your home.

What is premium layflat?

Premium layflat photo books use a combination of unique binding techniques that not only remove the centre crease from your books, but also allow the pages to open completely flat. Our premium layflat photo books use special paper that’s thicker than our standard photo books and because there’s no crease in the centre of the page, your photos will be printed seamlessly from left to right.

A Layflat Premium photo book (top example) has no break down the centre of the page.

When should I use premium layflat?

Premium layflat will look amazing with any type of photo, but there are certain shots that will really shine when used in your photo book.

Get the most out of your beautiful sunset or vacation photos by printing them across two pages. Your landscape photos will really be able to shine across a double page spread.

Group shots
From birthday parties to weddings, the most memorable pics are the ones that include all your guests. With premium layflat, none of your loved ones will get caught in the centre crease.

With premium layflat you can combine all your favourite photo moments into a collage. From family holidays to graduation parties, you can create a seamless collection from left to right to hold onto all those moments.

How do I create a premium layflat photo book?

You can choose premium layflat directly in the offline and online editors. You’ll be given the option to select the feature when you first start creating or you can opt to add it later by using the ‘extra options’ tab.

What size photo book should I create?

Our premium layflat photo books are available as hardcover photo books in a variety of sizes:

  • Portrait L 21 x 28 cm
  • Square L 21 x 21 cm
  • Square XL 30 x 30 cm
  • Landscape L 28 x 21 cm
  • Landscape XL 39 x 29 cm

How should I display it in my home?

The great thing about premium layflat photo books is that you can customise them to fit your own style and display it beautifully anywhere in your home. You can it open on your coffee table to show off your favourite moment, or even place it on a bookstand and switch it up every few months to display different pages.

For more advice on how to create a photo book, read our three easy ways to create a photo book blog. Want to make your photo books extra special? Add a glossy finish and once you’ve made your photo book, share a pic of your creation with us on social media and tag it with #bonusprint.

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