9 tips to capture the colours of spring with your camera

By Bonusprint on 13 April 2023

Whether you shoot with a smartphone or a professional camera, these 9 spring photography tips will help you create memorable photos that you’ll want to print, share and treasure for years to come. Ease your way out of hibernation and prepare to capture everything from colourful flowers to sun-kissed portraits.

As the season of renewal and transformation, spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get creative with your camera (or smartphone). Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advancing amateur, there are countless opportunities to take stunning photos during this vibrant time of year. From blooming flowers and lush greenery to lively wildlife and outdoor portraits, the possibilities are endless. Here are 9 spring photography tips to help you make the most of every beautiful day!

1. Embrace the simple joys of spring

Spring is all about rediscovering the simple joys of life outdoors. You don’t need to go far. Whether you’re walking your dog on the beach or taking your little ones to play in the park, be sure to take your camera with you (or snap away on your phone). You’ll be amazed by how much beauty you’ll discover in your everyday life once you start observing through the lens of a photographer.

2. Capture all the colours

The vivid colours of spring are guaranteed to put a smile on any photographer’s face. Keep your eyes peeled for flashes of yellow and lilac as daffodils, bluebells, and other wildflowers begin to spring up from the ground. Use a macro lens (or your phone camera’s macro mode) to get up close and fill the frame with kaleidoscopic colours that will look sensational as photo prints and wall art.

3. Play with the different light

Light is everything when it comes to photography, and spring offers some of the very best. With the sun still low in the sky, spring sunshine is beautifully soft and flattering. In fact, it’s perfect for capturing everything from outdoor portraits of your loved ones to landscape shots of your local beach. And as an added bonus, you can photograph spring sunsets without having to stay out until 10/11pm at night, as in the summer. Try to think of light as a subject in its own right and let it guide you to new and beautiful shoot locations. Don’t be afraid of accidental sun flares as these can actually add character and that special feeling of spring to your images.

4. Celebrate the buzz of spring

It’s not only us photographers that are attracted to spring’s beautiful blossoms. Zoom in on your favourite plants and flowers, and you’ll likely see armies of busy bees buzzing from petal to petal on their quest for fresh pollen. These fascinating little workers are perfect subjects for spring photos and are incredibly photogenic. Use your phone’s macro mode to get up close and personal, or use a dedicated macro lens on your camera to capture the character in magical microscopic detail. Once you find your flow, keep your eyes peeled for other beautiful bugs, like multicolored butterflies and shiny beetles. Print your favourites and bring a little bit of spring magic inside your home.

5. Make a splash

As the old adage goes, “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.” But the sudden rain showers of spring can actually be very advantageous for us photographers. Firstly they allow you to get creative with shimmering mirror-like reflections in puddles, streams and rain-splattered windows. And as an added bonus: flowers, plants and green landscapes look even more lush and vibrant after a quick water dousing. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes and a raincoat so you can get low and close to your subjects without worrying about getting your feet or clothes wet.

6. Think “new”

It’s not only new greenery that spring gives birth to. It’s also the time for newborn animals to enter the world. Whether it be fluffy little lambs and ducklings or creepy crawlies and lively pondlife, you’ll be amazed by how much wildlife you can capture during the months of spring. You don’t need to be David Attenborough to find subjects. Just take your camera for a stroll in your local park or woodlands, seek out ponds and walk by the beach or river. Follow the action and be ready to snap away!

7. Play with perspective

Whether it be shooting cherry trees blossoming overhead or carpets of wildflowers underfoot, spring abounds with opportunities to experiment with new and unusual perspectives. Get down low to capture the details of tiny flower blossoms, or climb a tree to get a bird’s eye perspective of scenes that inspire you below. There are no rules or limits, so have fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. More ideas on playing with perspective here.

8. Book a trip

When it comes to honing your skills and indulging in your passion for photography, the more you see, the more you can capture. And what better way to explore more of spring’s magic than with your first trip of the year. With warm, sunny days and plenty to see and do, spring offers all of the advantages of travelling in summer, but at a fraction of the cost. You don’t even have to travel to exotic faraway lands – head to that little beach town you’ve been dreaming of all winter, or a campsite in the hills where you can immerse yourself in nature. Check out these travel photography tips for more inspiration. Grab your camera bag and away you go!

9. Fun for the whole family

Love shooting beautiful portraits of your children and loved ones? Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get stunning portraits you’ll want to print and hang on the walls of your home. Look for lavender fields or golden meadows of buttercups and claim a little area as your own outdoor portrait studio. Take a small step or step ladder – or get creative and climb a tree – and shoot stunning top-down portraits. Go to your local forest or beach during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset and snap sizzling portraits in the warm, flattering sunlight. Check out these portrait photography tips for even more creative inspiration.

Whether your goal is to capture memories to share on social media or to create colourful artwork to print and brighten up the walls of your home, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the act of creation!