How to use different angles to take better photos

Position, position, position – that’s the key ingredient to taking pics that not only have that professional flair, but also allows you to capture your subject exactly in the way you want. Check out our 5 tips for taking better photos by altering your position.

1. Keep at eye level

It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but making sure that you’re positioned at the eye level of your subject can make the world of a difference. Even if your subject is laying flat on the ground and too relaxed to get up (like our pretty cat below) go ahead and lie on your tummy, on the ground to take your shot. You’ll capture a shot that’s immediately engaging. keep in mind that if you do have to get down low,, insure that your composition is level (tip 5 explains this further)!
In the above example, the photographer had to completely lie flat on the ground to get the correct eye level.

2. Create length

Create different effects in terms of your subject’s length by varying the distance between yourself and your subject . To give your subject length, approach your subject and take a shot from below; to reduce length, step away to take your shot. This trick is often used by professional photographers working in the fashion industry. What’s fun about this tip is that you have the freedom to decide how tall/high you wish your subject to appear.
In the above example, the photographer is positioned at distance to capture the actual size of the church tower. By standing closer, the photographer can easily make it appear higher!

3. Big, bigger, ridiculously bigger

You can make anything look dramatically bigger in a photo, just crouch low or place your camera at ground level before you take a shot. Travel brochures use this trick often to make hotel rooms look bigger. You too can take advantage! Aside from showing how luxuriously large your budget hotel room actually was, taking such photos will allow you to capture details of your surroundings in more detail.
In the top example, the photographer was standing next to the pool when the shot was taken. In the example below, the photographer was positioned flat on the ground, on the edge of the same swimming pool. The result speaks for itself!.

4. Place your subject off centre

As you’re taking a picture, position yourself so that your subject appears off centre within the frame of your shot. Not only will this allow you to capture the background more, you’ll also ideally place your subject to engage with viewers more naturally. This technique is known as the ‘rule of thirds’, which identifies points of interest that lie in intersecting lines that divide the fame of a photo in thirds.
In the example above, the birdhouse is placed along the red intersecting lines that are highlighted. This is where all the ‘action’ takes place – in this case, the action being the birdhouse!
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