Image enhancement and improved print quality! (Mac)

We have improved our automatic image-enhancement. The print quality of our products is now even better than before! Together with 400 customers, we searched for new software that ensures your photographs are printed as clearly and sharply as possible. What’s even better is that you can now also see these enhancements on your screen within the Photo Book Creator Tool, showing an accurate reflection of how your product will be printed!

1. How does it work?

Image enhancement is turned on within your editor as standard. As soon as you insert a photograph into the Creator Tool, the optimized version will be shown. Your original photograph in the folder on your computer remains the same.

Watch out! Are you continuing with a photo book that was created in a previous version of our software? Before you order your book, make sure to check through the pages; especially if you made use of the eyedropper tool. Your photos will be printed with an improved optimization tool meaning that there could be a slight difference after this update. Therefore you should use the eyedropper tool again to select your colours. This will ensure any possible colour differences are eliminated.

2. Remove photo optimisation per photo (not recommended)

We recommend always leaving automatic image enhancement turned on within the Creator Tool. It could be that you don’t like the automatic enhancement on a particular image and would like to turn it off. In that case, this option can be found under ‘Item’ and then ‘Image Enhancement’.

3. Remove photo optimisation for the entire book (not recommended)

Have you already enhanced your images using another program? You can then turn off image enhancement for your entire book. You will find this under “Product” and then “Image Enhancement”. We recommend switching this option off once you have finished your book, as any images you continue to add afterwards will still be automatically enhanced. We recommend that you only turn off image enhancement once your book is finished to ensure that this option applies to all the photos. When you select a picture, the sun symbol on the right shows that the picture has been optimised.
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