Valentine’s Day Photo Tips

By Bonusprint on 8 February 2022

Create beautiful Valentine’s Day photo gifts with bonusprint. We’ve created a brilliant guide to taking the best photos of you and your loved one.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our personalised photo products make the perfect romantic gift for your partner. Make things even more special by doing your very own photo shoot with your special someone, so we’ve put together a great guide on how to take the best couple portraits.

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Get the photo shoot right

To make sure you get the best possible shots, you should treat taking these pictures as a proper photo shoot. Don’t rush into taking them, take your time to find the best location or setting. Try to find somewhere that reflects you and your other half, and wear outfits that suit the shots you’re going for. Get a friend to take the photos or if you’d rather keep it personal you can always use a tripod and the timer setting.

Find the best angle

It’s a great idea to take a good variety of shots – take plenty of close ups of you both, as well as a selection of photos that take in the background and also full length body shots. By shooting different types of photos you can tell a story with your photos that will translate onto the printed page, whether it’s one of our photo books, a personalised calendar or a multi-photo print.

Make it personal

You need to make sure that the photos reflect your personalities and also your relationship. Before you start, decide whether you want the photos to be sweet and romantic, or perhaps tell the story of where you met. Will it be shot in a town or city, or will you head out into the countryside? If you’d rather keep the focus on yourselves, look for somewhere with a neutral background which won’t distract attention.

Look for inspiration

Even professional models can find posing a bit awkward so just try to relax. The great thing with digital photography is you can have as many goes as you like. Have a look online before you do your photo shoot to research looks, poses and settings that you’d like to replicate. A fun thing to do with your partner could be to create a mood board of types of photos and styles of photography you’d like to try too, but remember to be realistic with what you and your equipment are capable of.

Know your settings

Make sure to take the time to explore all the settings on your camera and pick those you’d want to use for your photo shoot. Using a shallow depth of field (f3.5 or lower) is a good idea when you’re shooting a couple, as it will blur the background and put the focus on the two subjects. If you’re trying to shoot a moving subject, make sure you use a shutter speed that’s fast enough, allowing you to freeze the movement in one frame. For more information on the best photo settings to use and ideas about how to shoot different subjects, check out our other photography tips blogs.

Get creative

Don’t forget to make your photos as interesting as possible. Try using the natural setting to accentuate your photoshoot: if you’re at the beach, use the waves or even weather like wind, snow and rain can add emotion and dynamism to your pictures. A slow shutter speed can blur the background and you can use street lights during a night time shoot to add a bit of Hollywood glamour.

A personalised photo product is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. Guaranteed to make them laugh (and maybe even shed a tear or two), they’re a unique and personal gift to be treasured, so head over to our home page to start planning yours