Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I’m Gwen. I’ve been working at albelli for 4 years now and I’m originally from France. I’ve always loved taking pictures to capture my favourite moments, and really enjoy turning them into photo products – whether that’s just for me or turning them into gifts for friends and family.”

Who did you make this gift for?

“I’ve made this photo book for my dad’s Christmas present.”

What inspired this book?

“I travelled with my boyfriend, my dad, and my dad’s girlfriend to Norway in August. My boyfriend is Norwegian, so we spent time with his family and visited some really beautiful places.

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 6 years, so spending time with my family is a rare treat and we try to make the most of it. This photo book about our trip is the perfect gift for my dad. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he opens it.”

What are your favourite photo book tips?

“I only have one rule for my photo books – double spreads should always show pictures from the same day or event. I like the visual harmony, plus all the memories that come flooding back when I flick through it.

I really love panoramic shots, so using lay flat pages are always a must for me. They give me a lot more freedom to play around with my layouts, too.”

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