Creating a bonusprint photo product is easy as 1,2,3

By Bonusprint on 4 May 2020

No digital display can replicate the feeling of holding and looking at your photos. Our bonusprint photo products are a fantastic way to display some of your most cherished moments in a way that will last, and be enjoyed for, years. Whether you want to design your own personalised photo book, refresh your home with photo wall art or simply print some beautiful photos of the best times you’ve captured, check out how easy it can be. You’ll see that creating any of our bonusprint photo products really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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It’s simple to print your photo roll

We know how easy it is to leave all those photos you’ve taken on your smart phone’s photo roll. It’s great that we now have a camera with us at all times, and can capture every special moment. But it can be so frustrating when you break or lose your phone and with it, all of those pictures. If you’re like us then you’ll have hundreds, if not more, photos tucked away on your phone camera roll, making them hard to browse and fully enjoy. With bonusprint, printing your favourite photos from your smart phone onto high quality photographic paper couldn’t be easier. With our simple to use app, you just select the photos you want and order them direct from your phone. We’ve also got plenty of creative ideas on how to decorate your home with our prints to help inspire you. It really is as simple as these three steps:

1 – Download our app
2 – Select the photos you want to print
3 – Have them delivered in just a few taps

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Make that one special photo, even more special

No matter how many photos you’ve taken, there are always a handful which are really, really special. The one that captures the perfect moment at a wedding, a family group shot, or the best part of a great holiday – whichever is your favourite, it deserves something more than a traditional photo print. And it needs to be displayed in a very special way on your wall. From printing on aluminium to canvas, we have the perfect format to suit any photo and any home. Creating it is very straight forward and you can order your wall art from any device, with our bonusprint software or super easy to use mobile app. Creating your very own wall art with your favourite photo is as easy as this:

1 – Decide where your special photo will be displayed
2 – Select the perfect size and material
3 – Enjoy your room’s new look

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Create your own photo book

A photo book can be anything you want it to be – a stylish coffee table talking point, a way of remembering all the places you’ve travelled to, or an intimate look at how you and your family have grown together and all the experiences you’ve shared. A picture really does paint a thousand words, so a photo book can tell a story in a way nothing else can. And it’s up to you what that story is. Creating your own bonusprint photo book is really straight forward and you can use any of our hundreds of pre-designed layouts, Clip Art, frames, type tools, and background colours to display your photos in the way that’s personal to you. If you don’t have time to design each page, or simply want to make things even easier, then our bonusprint Smart Assistant will do all the photo selecting for you, leaving you to do the fun and creative part. To create your personalised photo book, you just need to do these three things:

1 – Select the photos that tell your story
2 – Get creative with design assets and layouts
3 – Enjoy your favourite moments time and after time.

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If you’re ever feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of photos that you’ve got on your devices, then don’t worry, bonusprint is here to help. Check out our tips on how to organise your photos, and you’ll find sorting your camera roll will become much easier. As well as photos, prints and photo books, we’ve got plenty of other photo products to choose from here at bonusprint, from posters and calendars to mugs and cards. You just need to head to our home page now and get creating.