7 great Christmas gift ideas for her

By Bonusprint on 23 October 2023

With Christmas approaching soon, it can be tricky to think about what gifts you’ll be getting your friends and family this year. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few ideas on which bonusprint photo gifts you can get for the ladies in your life.

There’s always the question of what you should get your loved ones whenever Christmas rolls around. To help you with gift shopping, we’ve put together a few ideas on which bonusprint photo gifts could make great presents for the ladies in your life – from your grandma to your colleagues.

Whip up a cookbook for Grandma

There’s nothing better than Grandma’s cooking – in fact, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it. With food being a big part of Christmas celebrations, you know the family will be eating at least one of her recipes. This year, why not surprise your grandma with her very own recipe book?

Try speaking to her family or even friends about her specialty dishes for the recipes. You can also comb through the archives for pics of family parties, birthdays, or even weddings – anywhere her dishes are bound to make an appearance. With one of our pre-designed templates, creating is simple – all that’s left is to upload your pics, add the recipes, and sit back and wait for your cookbook to arrive.

Surprise your sister with wall art

There’s no relationship like the one you have with your sister. As such, she probably thinks she’s guessed exactly what you’ll get her this Christmas. So this time, give her something she won’t expect — some awesome wall art for instance. If she’s a creative type, wall art’s a great way to show off her latest work. You could also dig through your photos for a collage of your favourite moments together.

With a range of materials to choose from, you’ll be guaranteed to find one that suits her style and the photos you’re using. If you’re not sure which material would work best, we’ve got an ultimate guide to wall art materials to help you out here.

Give mum a hand with a calendar planner

When it comes to mums, you know how busy they can be, keeping track of everyone’s schedules. Help her out this Christmas by gifting her a bonusprint calendar planner. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or even make one from scratch. Just upload her favourite family photos and you’re set.

Gift your girlfriend her favourite memories in print

In a world where most of our snaps are on our phones, photo prints can be a unique, thoughtful gift. We think your girlfriend will love it — with different sizes to choose from, there are prints that she can put in frames or carry around with her.

You can also print your photos with a border that replicates the instant camera look and feel. Because it looks like something you’d get from an instant camera, you can also go with less “perfect” snaps that you wouldn’t put on a photo book or your Instagram feed. It’s a great way to look back on first dates or anniversaries and to celebrate those perfectly imperfect moments together. What’s more is that it’s super easy to print your photos with our smartphone app – just like snapping away with an instant camera.

Create a storybook for your daughter

Celebrate your children’s creativity with a photo book that reflects what they’re really into right now. Why not turn your daughter into the heroine of her very own storybook? With our selection of pre-designed templates, she can be a superhero, a princess, or even an astronaut.

You can create your own storyline with the design you’ve picked and the photos you’ve added – on top of that, there’s a huge variety of frames, clip art, and even speech bubbles to choose from. She’ll love this unique spin on her bedtime stories.

Make your friend smile with a mug

When it comes to your best friend, it often feels like you have another sister. With loads of photos from all your adventures together, a mug is perfect for displaying the good times you’ve shared. Customise your mug with extra text, clip art, and more. It won’t fade in the dishwasher or microwave, so it’s a win-win: your best friend gets a nice reminder of your favourite memories together and a new mug she can use every day.

Send some Christmas cheer to your colleagues with cards

We spend so much time with our colleagues, they pretty much become a second family. Even if you’ve only seen one another on video meetings lately, it’s all the more reason to send them some lovely cards this Christmas.

With our range of cards, you’ll find the card that suits you and your team. Just add a great picture and write something funny or festive, and you’re set. Our cards come in pack of 10 — perfect for the whole department — and envelopes are included, so you can post them in one go.

Still stuck on what to write for this year’s cards? Read this blog for more ideas from our copywriters.

With Christmas right around the corner, it might be tricky to decide between which gifts to get the ladies in your life this Christmas. Our bonusprint photo gifts are easy to customise whether you’re using one of our pre-designed templates or starting a blank canvas, making it simple to create something entirely unique for this year’s presents. Get started by clicking the blog below.

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