Get creative with these wall art ideas for the whole house

By Bonusprint on 22 February 2023

Needing a change in your space? From choosing your material to picking out your pics, we have tips on getting the look you love – tailored to different rooms in your house.

Wall art can change the look and feel of your space in a snap, but deciding what to put up and what material to go with it can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve got some bonusprint tips that can help you refresh your entire home in no time.

The entrance

Since it’s the first thing you’ll see when you enter your home, consider going with a photo of your happiest moment on canvas. It highlights the bright colours in photos and will give your home a warm feeling, so it’s bound to put a smile on your face as soon as you walk through the door.

The living room

Put your favourite moments up front and centre with acrylic wall art. It’ll add depth to your colourful nature and landscape shots. Portraits also work well with acrylic wall art, thanks to its glossy, high-quality finish. If you’d like to add a subtler touch, decorating with different wall art sizes and materials ensures that the focus isn’t on just one part of the room.

The kitchen

The kitchen’s where both people and food come together, and wall art can be part of an important recipe for a great atmosphere. You can turn it into the focus of the room, especially in more industrial or minimalistic kitchens. Acrylic or aluminium wall art can easily brighten up the space with a pop of colour and still suit the style of your décor.

The stairs

The stairs are a place we pass through all the time, but it’s easy to forget decorating them. It’s a great opportunity for a photo wall with various photos of your happiest moments – mix and match your materials and sizes for an eclectic look and to give the collection a spontaneous feel. Try arranging your photos chronologically for a trip down memory lane every time you walk by.

The dining area

Wall art can add a lot of character into your dinner parties, especially with mounted prints. Since it’s reflection-free, your guests will be able to see your best pictures with no distractions. While family portraits are always a good idea, art prints and warm tones can add to a minimalistic, mid-century look.

The bedroom

Canvas wall art can create a timeless, classic look for your bedroom. As a space where you relax and unwind at the end of the day, canvas would highlight your happiest photos and memories. Since it looks good with any photo, swap the wall art every so often to keep your bedroom looking fresh.

The play room

Make the most out of your playroom by brightening it up with wall art. From candid shots of the children playing to their artworks, be sure to fit the playful mood of the room. Got too many good snaps to pick from? Go with a mosaic grid wall art – you’ll get to add up to 81 photos on a single wall art.

The girl’s room

Steal the show with a canvas wall art of her favourite memories over the years, or a cute childhood pic. The material will ensure a classic look even as her bedroom changes throughout the years, making the wall art look timeless. Does she have a wild imagination? Fuel it even further with wall art of her favourite fairy tales or adventure stories.

The boy’s room

Designing a boy’s room can be challenging, so why not decorate the bare walls with his favourite things? Print out your child’s interests or favourite photos on canvas and match it with a frame for an eye-catching, “floating” look. Canvas’s great value makes it easy to swap out one wall art for another as he grows up, or to get a full set at once.

The teenager’s room

A teenager’s bedroom often shows off their personal style – after all, that’s where they spend their time catching up on their schoolwork, chatting with friends, or just relaxing in their free time. So do them a favour and choose a stylish aluminium wall art for their room, as its versatility makes it go well with any home décor. Go with a wall art of their pics with their best friends and their favourite activities to add their personality to the space.

The nursery

Capture your little ones’ first months with mounted prints. This material is lightweight and goes really well with other wall art materials too, so your collection of baby snaps can keep growing and growing as your little ones do.

The office

As a place where you can spend hours on end, finding the wall art that suits your work and your environment is important. If you’re a creative type, try putting up a photo that inspires you. On the other hand, something bright and vibrant goes well with a focused atmosphere. Acrylic wall art enhances sharp, bright colours that’ll help you stay productive.

The conservatory

All of our wall art is UV resistant, so it’s safe to hang them in direct sunlight. Mounted prints are ideal for a bright conservatory, though, thanks to their vivid colours and matt finish – you won’t get any glare distracting you from fully enjoying the wall art. As the room that borders the interior and exterior, photos of nature and landscapes are perfect to bring the outside in.

The patio

Add extra vibrancy to your garden with an eye-catching wall art. To direct your guests’ attention, add a wall art with contrasting colours to complement the space. Our acrylic wall art is weather resistant but try hanging it in a roofed area to maintain its look and shine.

The shed

If your shed doubles as a workshop or a garden hideaway, provide a striking contrast to the rustic atmosphere with modern acrylic wall art. To keep an informal, outdoorsy feel, add a picture of your pet on an adventure or a happy snap of your family on a sunny hike.

Feeling inspired? Start getting creative and refresh your space with bonusprint wall art.

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