Nine great gift ideas for Mother’s Day

By Bonusprint on 23 January 2023

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day to a photo gift made just for her. Check out our guide to the bonusprint photo gifts you can create to make her day extra special.

Mother’s Day gifts can always be a bit tricky. Sure, you can go for the classic flowers and maybe some nice candles, but why not surprise her with a unique personalised gift? If you take your mum back down memory lane with some of the best moments you’ve spent together, we reckon she’ll love it. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, take a look at a few of our gift ideas below that we think will bring a smile to her face. 

Mosaic wall art

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have too many photos with your mum to be able to choose a favourite, and with our mosaic wall art layouts, you won’t need to. Pick anywhere between four and 81 photos to create an amazing collage of your favourite moments together. We’ve all spent plenty of time inside the past few months, so Mum will be very happy to have a fresh new look for her walls. Check out our mosaic grid blog to make the most out of yours.

Canvas wall art

Add some extra warmth to your mum’s living room with canvas wall art. This type of wall art finish adds a great homely touch to a room, while being eye-catching at the same time. Create one or more canvas wall art pieces with photos of your favourite moments together, or with the whole family. She’ll get to enjoy it every single day. For tips on creating wall art with our editors, check out our guide.

A travel photo book

If your mum’s enjoyed jetting around the globe over the years, then a photo book of her travels is a perfect gift. It’s a great way to look back on all her adventures, family holidays, beach trips and far flung places she’s explored. This book is sure to inspire her to go on a few new ones in the future, too. Need a hand getting started? Check out our photo book travel gallery.

Personalised photo mug

We can pretty much guarantee that your mum will use this gift every single day — a classic personalised photo mug. Just add your favourite moments and then customise it until you’re got it just right. Our online editor couldn’t be easier to use, so don’t worry about tweaking your design. Check out the app-exclusive wrap-around option to have your photos cover your mug all the way around.

Aluminium wall art

Personalised wall art always makes for a great gift, but what if your mum’s walls are already full? Well, our aluminium wall art is outdoor resistant so it will look just as good outdoors as it would inside. Think of some great photos you have that she’ll love looking at outside, and will add some colour to her balcony, garden, patio or decking.

Personalised photo calendar

The secret to most mums always knowing the comings and goings of family life is her watertight organisation — and, of course, her calendar. This Mother’s Day, you should create an extra special one for her that includes her favourite family photos, or your favourite moments with her, for every month of the year. You can also create an extra layer of personalisation by adding in all her most important dates, birthdays, and events coming in the year ahead. Plus, you can start it from any month of the year, so no need to wait till Christmas.

A personalised photo card

If you’re super prepared and have already got your Mother’s Day gift sorted, or if you haven’t been able to see your mum as recently as you’d like, then add a little extra touch with a personalised card. With all the layouts, illustrations and other creative options available, you can make your mum a Mother’s Day card that’s as unique as she is. Why not make her an awesome card collage of everything you’ve been up to over the past months. You know she always likes to know what you’re doing.

A bonusprint gift voucher

If you still not sure which photo gift to get her, or you think your mum might prefer to flex her own creative muscles, then a bonusprint gift voucher is great gift idea. That way she can create whatever she likes from our range, or maybe you could even set some time aside to create it together.

This year, make Mother’s Day extra special for your mum. Mums made all of us in their own unique way, so create a gift just for her that she’ll treasure forever. All you need to do to get creating is click the button below. 

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