Wall art can bring a whole new soul and personality to a room and that’s why it’s so important to get it right. When you’re printing your favourite photos to hang in your home you want them to look perfect and choosing the best format, size or material can make all the difference between a good wall art and a great wall art.

It can be hard choosing what wall art to create and what material to print it on, so we’ve put together this indispensable guide that will make sure your photos are shown in their best light.

What material for what photo?

Some of our wall art materials suit certain photos better than others. Here is what we recommend…
Canvas offers great ambient enrichment and blends into a room’s decor with its rich texture and 3D presence. It’s also more forgiving of colour issues or slight focus issues. So perhaps if you have a photo that is not the best quality, canvas will work for you.

Aluminium, Mounted prints and Acrylic are perfect to highlight high contrast images, or ones with rich colour variations and intense colours. They make details and sharp edges emerge. We love using these materials for landscape photos or photos of urban architecture.

Format counts

You can choose between, square, landscape or portrait for your wall art so consider the type of photo you’re printing before you choose.

Square formats are perfect for macro shots or to draw attention to a specific detail.

For bigger and more artistic wall art we love the landscape format. It will make photos of scenery and architecture look truly stunning.

Taking photos of people is a skill and the best ones deserve to be shown off on your wall. Opt for a portrait format to make sure they look their best.

Consider your photo style

Once you’ve chosen the photo you are going to use there are some things you can do to make it look even better.

Use intense colour and contrast to bring attention to your photo, or softer tones to blend in with your interior design style.

Play with texture – try and match the texture in your photos with the printing medium you choose. For example glossy mounted prints for a mountain reflecting in calm waters, or canvas for a photo of your dog wrapped in a warm blanket.

Crop your photos to match the format you want to see hanging on your wall. Make that tower stand tall by cutting off the excess and printing it as a portrait rather than a landscape.

Use black and white, or filters, to give a certain tone to your prints. Use black and white or heavy saturation on canvas to give a cartoon or pop art vibe to your wall, or black and white or muted colours on aluminium to get a fine art vibe that will make your home feel like a gallery.

Get creative with layouts

Our collage feature lets you display multiple photos together on your wall art and you can choose how many and how to display them.  By adjusting the margins, you can even create borders between your photos and add colour with our large collection of backgrounds.

Our new mosaic grid layout lets you print up to 81 photos on one single wall art – perfect for printing photos from social media (especially your Instagram) Use our mosaic grid to group photos with similar colours or themes. For example a wall art garden, if you have a lot of photos of flowers and plants, or a brick wall art, if you are into architecture and texture.

create a wall art

Use your imagination and adapt our tips to your tastes and desires. When you’re creating wall art, it’s time to become an artist and let your best moments shine. Once you’ve created your wall art, read our tips on how to hang it.

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