Five pieces of wall art, all featuring summery photographs, propped up against a bright teal wall.

It’s amazing what wall art can do to a space – you can bring the sunshine in with a big, bold shot of your summer holidays or brighten up your room with loads of happy little snaps in a multi-photo layout. To help you make the most out of your summer wall art from bonusprint, we’ve got some easy-to-follow tips, like which materials will suit your style of photography, to picking the perfect format for your pics.

Which wall art material should you use?

A large piece of wall art, featuring a picture of a girl eating an ice cream, on a side table, next to a plant.

There’s a wall art material to suit every style of photography, so if you prefer taking cute snaps of the kids over shots of sweeping landscapes, you’ll find the finish that works best for you.

Canvas has a warm and cosy look to it, so it works great with photos of the family. If you’ve spent your summer capturing all the vibrant shades that the season has to offer, then mounted prints are great for displaying intense colours with a matt finish. Aluminium is also matt, but it’s the ideal choice for black and white images, so this could be the perfect way to display a wedding photo. And to give your summer shots a brilliant shine, acrylic is the way to go – it’s a favourite choice amongst photographers too.

It’s important to think about the textures and surfaces in an image because these can also influence which wall art material you choose. Acrylic would be a great way to enhance a reflection, for example, like a sunset over calm waters, whereas canvas would work well for an image of your little ones snuggled in a fluffy towel after a day at the beach.

How to choose the right wall art format

You can choose between square, landscape, or portrait for your wall art, so think about the type of photo you’re printing before you start creating. Square formats are ideal for macro shots, or extreme close-ups that draw attention to a specific detail.

Landscape wall art is perfect for those scenic summer shots you captured on your travels, and portrait is best for the pics of your favourite people.

Will the style of your image match the style of your room?

: A photo of a living room with a dark blue sofa against a dark blue wall. On the wall, there are three pieces of wall art displaying brightly coloured photos taken on a summer holiday.

To make your wall art look extra-professional, think about how your photography style will fit in with your interiors. Do you want to go for intense colours that contrast with your palette, or would you rather use an image that blends in or complements your décor?

If you want to tweak your images to suit your space, you could alter the tones slightly with editor software beforehand. You could make your photo black and white to match a monochrome room, or for a bright and bold look, play around with filters and increase the colour saturation to give your snaps a cartoony or pop art feel.

The way you crop your image can also have an impact on your space. If you’ve taken pictures of the local architecture on your travels, for example, you can crop buildings to give the impression of extra height in a space. When you’re editing a pic of a tall structure, try cropping your image so it works in a portrait wall art format rather than a landscape.

Get creative with layouts

: A 36-image mosaic wall art hanging on a grey wall, next to shelves with leafy green plants on and glassware.

As well as the colours and the formats you use, layouts are also a great way of reflecting a certain style. Our mosaic grids are perfect for lots of little family photos – you can fit up to 81 pics on one grid – or they’re ideal for printing out the best bits from your Instagram in the style of your feed.

You can create a collage effect by selecting images with similar tones and textures in them, and you can adjust the margins and add a coloured background to either create contrast or complement your snaps.

Capture and create wall art in a couple of taps

A smartphone against a bright yellow background, displaying the [bonusprint] app and a piece of wall art on the screen.

There are loads of ways to get creative with your summer wall art. And to make sure you don’t miss a minute of sunshine, you can start creating when you’re out and about with our app. There are great layout options to choose from, and you can select a background colour to show off your snaps. Download it for iOS or Android for free.

We’d love to see all your summery wall art creations, so make sure you share them with us on Instagram and Facebook using #shareyoursummer.

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