Seven holiday photos that make perfect wall art

By Bonusprint on 6 July 2023

Looking for what photos to take in summer for great wall art prints at home? Here we share seven summer wall décor ideas to brighten your walls and make the most of your favourite holiday snaps.

Customised wall art is a wonderful way to bring your home to life with personalised memories. But what works when it comes to photos for your wall art? Packed with friends and family, new places, beautiful landscapes, and plenty of sunshine, your summer travel photos are a great place to find the perfect images for your own stylish summer wall art.

From large photo wall art pieces for the living room that capture the kids’ first holiday to cool aluminium prints for the kitchen with delicious dishes from your Mediterranean getaway, dive into your favourite holiday snaps and get creative.

1. Family holiday photos

From our partners to our children, our furry friends to our besties, wall art pieces featuring those we love most are always a great choice. When deciding which photos are best for your summer wall art prints, look for snaps that capture the moment. Whether it’s the little ones building sandcastles on the beach or a fun group picture toasting a fantastic summer holiday, choose an image that brings you joy and showcases everything you love about that moment. For that extra warm feel, opt for a canvas print and add a floating frame for a special touch.

If you’re planning on a summer enjoying the best of your local area, there are still plenty of opportunities for great summer photos. Check out our blog on seven ideas for fun family activities this summer, and get your camera ready!

2. Summer festivals

Great music with great people: nothing beats festival season. With vibrant colours, fun backdrops, and plenty of happy, smiling faces, festival photos make for the perfect wall art for your home. From capturing your favourite band playing an intimate gig to in-the-moment snaps of dancing in the mud – wellies and all! – choose a few of your best festival shots and play around with a cool wall art series. Bring a spark of joy into your hallway, office, or bathroom with your beautiful festival prints and celebrate summer all year round.

3. Architecture

One of the best things about summer travels is getting to soak up new sights, sounds and experiences. If one of your favourite things to admire when you’re away is impressive architecture, look no further than your photo library for your next wall art piece. The glittering Manhattan skyline or the crumbling walls of the Roman Colosseum; the gleaming beauty of the Taj Mahal or the crooked canal houses of Amsterdam: architecture makes for seriously impressive wall art.

Feeling inspired? Check out our article on the bonusprint blog for more ideas on how to turn your architecture photography into a captivating wall art gallery at home.

4. Food and drink

Have you ever sat in front of a meal that’s so mesmerising you just have to take a picture of it? Us too! From close ups of the vibrant spices in a local food market to the perfect espresso in a picturesque cafe, printing your favourite foodie moments on holiday is a wonderful way to remember a culinary highlight. Remember to take a variety of different shots when inspiration strikes to get a good selection to choose from when you’re home.

One of our favourite ways to use food photos as wall art is to create an aluminium series for your kitchen. Easy to clean as well as UV and weather-resistant, you can even print your best foodie shots for your outdoor BBQ area.

5. Nature

Rolling fields, impressive mountain ranges, idyllic sandy beaches – being outdoors and enjoying the best of nature is what the summer months are all about. Nature shots make for ideal wall art pieces with vibrant colours, mesmerising patterns, and breathtaking vistas. They are particularly well-suited to large prints that work to make a statement and bring a room together. Our top tip if you’re looking for extra depth and enhanced colours: go for acrylic.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture a print-worthy nature shot for your home. Check out our landscape photography tips article before your next adventure, and easily level up your camera skills with just a few simple tricks.

6. Sunrise and sunsets

No matter where you are in the world, sunrise and sunset are two of the most photographable moments of the day. With soft light and golden tones transforming the entire sky, it’s not hard to see why these images make for a fantastic wall art piece. However, getting the perfect sunrise or sunset shot may take a little extra effort. Luckily we’ve already delved into how to take the perfect sunset photo on holiday on the bonusprint blog. Experiment with capturing the moment at different times to get a broader selection of colour options for your final print. Read through our top tips in this article and get ready to put the advice to practice on your next sizzling summer evening.

Like landscape nature shots, sunset and sunrise photography works particularly well on acrylic for a rich depth and gorgeous colour enhancement.

7. Spontaneous moments

It’s always important to remember to have fun with your summer photography. Not all moments need to be planned – even if you already have a spectacular wall art project in mind. Wait for the spontaneous moments on your holiday and be patient: candid shots always make for some of the best images. Not only will snapping spontaneous moments bring a smile to your face as you roll through your camera roll and remember the day, but it will bring an extra dose of excitement, warmth, and authenticity to your walls.

So what are you waiting for? Round up your favourite summer memories so far, read the bonusprint ultimate guide to wall art materials and get creating! Still planning your shots for your next big journey? Check out our travel photography tips article to improve your photo skills before your getaway.

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