The ultimate guide to bonusprint’s wall art materials

By Bonusprint on 27 February 2023

Whatever your style, there’s a wall art for you. Check out this handy guide on how bonusprint wall art materials can help you get the look you love at home.

Wall art is a really easy way to change the look and feel of your home. But when you’re spoiled for choice with a range of quality finishes, the only tricky part can be knowing which one to pick for your space. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect material to transform your walls. We’ll walk you through each finish, and how each of these fit your unique style.

Whether you’re looking to give your house a cosy or contemporary look, we’ve got you sorted. Think of the walls in your house as a blank canvas — with the right wall art from bonusprint, you can easily make this space yours. We’ll help you with everything, from your home décor to the type of photo you’re printing to styling tips.

Get cosy with canvas

Our canvas wall art is a bestseller, and for good reason. The textured material makes your photo almost painting-like, which gives your surroundings that lovely lived-in feel. In short, it’s perfect for adding warmth to your home. You can create a canvas wall art with just one photo. Or get adventurous and make your own wall art collage using our editor, which lets you choose multiple photos on one canvas.

Lifestyle shot of brightly coloured family room, with a hanging decoration, kids' toys on a cabinet, and two canvas wall art images hanging on the wall.

  • What’s it made of?

The high-quality, and durable, canvas is made from 100% polyester and is stretched across a wooden backing, just like a canvas for painting. You can even add a frame to give it a finishing touch.

  • Any styling tips?

Canvas prints go super well with different sizes and colours. The material makes bright colours pop, so they’re perfect for giving your home that playful touch. This makes canvas perfect for family rooms, as they add a lot of warmth to the space. To go above and beyond, create your canvas with a floating frame for added depth.

  • What should I print on it?

They’re perfect for showing off your family photos and the little ones’ masterpieces. Vibrant colours and bright photos make great additions to your wall and give your home that warm and lived-in atmosphere.

Mix mounted prints for an eclectic look

Our mounted prints are a favourite because they make the colours pop in your photographs, and make simple backdrops look bright and vivid. With its matt look that distinguishes it from other materials, mixing mounted prints with a range of other wall art finishes provides an interesting contrast to give you that homey atmosphere.

They’re also lightweight, so hang easily on your wall and can be a great affordable option if you’d like to continue growing your collection.

A lifestyle shot of a room with wall art of all materials on a wall, a table with plants and decorations, and other plants surrounding the wall art.

  • What’s it made of?

Our mounted prints are printed on a lightweight, 5mm white PVC board and have a matt finish so you’ll have no reflection issues.

  • Any styling tips?

Mounted prints go well with other wall art materials for that eclectic, well-rounded look. Put them together with canvas or aluminium prints for a quirky look that’s unique to your home.

  • What should I print on it?

Use mounted prints to bring out the mix-and-match aspect in other prints. Its matt surface works best with earthy and warm colours – past family holiday snaps, anyone? There’s a huge range of sizes to choose from, so the sky’s the limit for your ever-growing gallery.

Contemporary design with aluminium

Trying your hand at something more modern? Aluminium gives you a sleek, metallic finish with the versatility of canvas. Durable and simple, it’s great for those looking for wall art to complement a muted and modern colour palette. If you’re showing off your favourite shots, aluminium underscores all the details. It’s great for black and white prints and adapts to the tone of your photos.

Lifestyle shot of an off-white room, with a large plant, books and decorations blue table, and a floor lamp. Three aluminum wall art images hang above the table.

  • What’s it made of?

Made from top quality aluminium, the material is 3mm thick and has three solid layers. Its thinness gives your wall art that ‘floating off the wall’ look and adds clean lines to your interior décor. The two outer layers are made of aluminium, while the middle layer is made of hard plastic. This makes your aluminium print durable and long-lasting.

  • Any styling tips?

Aluminium wall art is perfect for a home with minimalist aesthetics. Its clean lines and modern look fit right in a curated space and modern décor. Multiple aluminium prints of the same size create a symmetrical look, so you can hang multiple prints without worrying if it’ll clash with your interior design.

  • What should I print on it?

Getting aluminium prints is a great excuse for that colour-coordinated family photoshoot. Modern black and white urban landscapes and your wedding photos also look incredible on aluminium wall art – think of it as furnishing your very own photo gallery in your home.

Glamming it up with acrylic

This is a simple way to make a statement with your wall art and give your interior design a polished, put-together look. Acrylic wall art enhances the colour, depth, and details of your photo, and gives you sharp image quality with extra gloss. Coordinating your interior décor is a breeze with acrylic prints, as its high-quality shine rounds off rich colours and fabrics.

Lifestyle shot of an acrylic wall art hanging against a blue wall art. A table with various decorations sit under the wall art.

  • What’s it made of?

We print your photo on top quality, 5mm transparent acrylic sheet, which we then apply a black film behind. This gives the image an extra depth to it. The front and sides of your acrylic print are then professionally finished and cut to the perfect size. As a result, it has a premium-quality finish with superb shine that really enhances the room it’s hanging in.

  • Any styling tips?

Acrylic wall art’s reflective surface can make your home feel more spacious. It’ll glam up any home, and pairs well with glossy, luxurious accessories and polished surfaces. It’s great for making a subtle statement that defines your space.

  • What should I print on it?

All of your photos will look amazing on acrylic wall art. Close-up macro shots of interesting details will give your home a creative edge, but wide shots of landscapes also look amazing and make a statement. Portraits of the family will also be the centre of attention – thanks to acrylic’s depth and vibrancy of colours.

Top photo tips

One of the most important things to remember when creating any piece of wall art is that the bigger the piece, the higher the image quality needs to be. So, make sure you use the highest quality picture you can. For more wall art tips, click here to learn how to create yours like an expert. If you’d like more info on how you should hang your wall art, then this guide will help you.

Once you’ve created your wall art, share a photo with us using #bonusprint so we can see your masterpiece. You could also share this blog post on social media using the icons below to inspire your friends and family too. All you need to do now is click the button below and get creating.

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