Take your best photos ever with our 6 beach photography tips

By Bonusprint on 10 August 2018

Get inspired by 6 expert tips for beach photography that will help you capture stunning landscapes and candid portraits while you’re by the sea.

Sun, sand, happy smiling faces… The beach is a great place to take photos but it can also be a bit tricky. The bright light and flat landscape can be a challenge for even the most experienced photographers. Don’t worry though – with a bit of practice (and our top tips) you’ll be taking beautiful beach photos in no time.

Play with angles

Beach photography tips angles

Shoot from ground level for example, for a more interesting perspective or we love top-down shots of colourful beach towels and picnics. Read the tips in our blog post for more ideas on choosing the best angle.

Make the most of golden hour

Beach photography tips golden hour

Take photos just after sunrise or before sunset during the ‘golden hour’. It’s a favourite among expert photographers thanks to its flattering light and interesting shadows. The sun has a warmer colour which makes it easier to shoot against the light to create beautiful silhouettes. We’ve got more tips on capturing photos during this magic time.

Create depth

Beach photography tips depth

Creating depth will make your photos much more interesting. So instead of just taking photos of the sea and horizon, place something in the foreground like swimming gear, beach toys or parasols to give your photos depth.

Capture sun flares

Beach photography tips sun flares

To create sun flares, position your subject in front of the sun so it just peaks out and manually focus on your subject (your camera will automatically focus on the sun). This creates dramatic results that will look like they were produced by a professional.

Use your flash for portraits

Beach photography tips portraits

In the midday sun (when the sun comes from straight above), use your flash to help decrease harsh shadows under people’s eyes. The flash actually overshadows the harsh lighting between 11am-3pm and will give you softer results.

Keep your eye on the horizon

Beach photography tips horizon

To avoid crooked photos that look chopped in half, keep the horizon level and in the upper or lower third of your photo. The simplest way to get your horizon horizontal is to line it up with the top or bottom of your view finder. Keep in mind that the edge of your frame will be the edges of the actual image.

Armed with these tips we think it’s time to get outside and take your best beach photos ever. Once that’s done, don’t just leave them on your camera or phone – do something with them. Why not create a photo book with the results? Make sure to read our secrets to creating the most beautiful holiday photo book first. We’ve also got lots of other photography tips on the blog that will help you create beautiful images.