Photo books are perfect for documenting your kids’ lives and someday your kids will love looking back through those books, but what about creating a photo book that your kids can enjoy right now?

We’ve put together a few fun book ideas that are a piece of cake to make and your kids will absolutely love. Take a look below and create a photo book that’s guaranteed make your kids smile!

Become the author of your own story

Get some inspiration from your kids’ toys and their make-believe worlds to create your own storybook! Snap photos of your ‘characters’ around the house to use as pictures in your book or if you’re feeling really artistic, try your hand at your own illustrations. Have some fun and in no time you’ll have an original story that your kids won’t want to put down!


Make learning fun!

There are lots of educational books out there for kids, but why buy one of those when you can make one yourself? You can help your kiddos learn to read with an alphabet book or teach them to count with a book of numbers. Find everyday objects to represent letters or numbers and snap a photo of them for your book. Then bring it all together using the fun designs and fonts available in the photo book creator tool.


Nurture childhood creativity

Get inspired by your children’s imagination and make a photo book of your kids’ creations! You can even get them involved in the process and help develop their creativity further. Scan your children’s school work, drawings, poems and anything else they’ve made. Your book will preserve all their precious childhood creations and most importantly, you’ll have fun making it!

Tip: Need help getting your kids’ work in a digital format? Check out our scanning guide.