Think about what bonusprint products would suit your family members. We’ve got such a large range of great photo products on offer there really is something for everyone. We thought we’d put together a few suggestions of some fantastic gift ideas in this guide.

Photo books for mum

An open photo book on a green pedestal with a yellow background

Mum’s never happier than when she’s curled up on the sofa with a hot drink going through the family photos. So why not create a premium photo book for her as a gift? With bonusprint you can create high quality, luxury-feel photo books quickly and easily.

To ensure it’s really unique and will suit her style, you can choose from a huge range of size, shapes and finishes. Our online editor is really straightforward to use and with it you can create amazing layouts for all your photos, add in frames, text and even clip art. A personalised photo book really is the gift that you can go back to and enjoy time after time.

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Photo mugs for dad

Two mugs atop one another on a green pedestal, one showing a mountain and one showing a dog

The working day is brightened up exponentially when you have a reminder of those special family moments, so having a personalised photo mug to drink from on every coffee break will warm the heart each time it’s used. We all have our own work mug to remind us why we’re there and what better way to have your family with you so Choose from single or multi-photo layouts and you can add in frames and clip art to make your photo mug totally unique.

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Photo prints for new parents

A selection of photo print on a green pedestal with a yellow background

We all know how quickly the first few weeks and months of having a newborn passes – life is such a whirl, it’s hard to keep a tab on things. With the advent of smart phones and cameras we take hundreds of photos but never seem to get the chance to look at them.

We’ve always thought that a wonderful present for new parents is a selection of photo prints of their pride and joy. bonusprint offers a great range of sizes, border options and finishes for your photos so why not gift them a selection of photo prints documenting the first few stages of their new world?

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Photo cards for the birthday boy

Two cards standing on a green pedestal with a yellow background

Whatever the occasion, parties are judged from the moment the invite drops through the door till the last person leaves. With the bonusprint photo cards, you can feel rest assured that your guests will be wowed by the personalised photo card invite you create.

They’re not just for invites though – you can create a card for any occasion with bonusprint. Whether it’s an invite, thank you, announcement or Christmas card, you can choose from our huge range of ready made and editable templates or start with a blank page and create your own. Although your project will be unique, one thing all our photo cards have in common is their high quality finish and luxury feel.

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Wall art for the teenager

A wall art of a young woman in a yellow dress, on top of a green pedestal with a yellow background

Buying a gift for a teenager can be a minefield. Something they liked a week ago might well have gone out of fashion in their eyes. An easy way to get credit from your teenager is to create an awesome piece of wall art for their room with bonusprint.

Choose to print your photos on posters, canvas, aluminium, acrylic or even have them mounted. Whether you’re creating a landscape, portrait or square piece of wall art you can choose single or multi-photo layouts, and with our online bonusprint editor you can ad in personal touches like frames, background colours and clip art.

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Photo Calendar for the grandparents

A photo calendar on a yellow wall showing a young child in a wooly hat

When you’re a grandparent it starts to get a little tricky keeping up with all the kids and grandchildren’s lives. But with a beautiful personalised photo calendar you can give them the gift of 12 months of magical moments with their family.

Each month is a blank canvas for you – add in a single family shot or create multi-photo layouts with our ready made templates in the bonusprint photo editor. You know that they’ll treasure each page and, with the option to add in your own special birthdays and events to the calendar, they’ll know exactly when all the important things are happening in the year.

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Simply head over to the bonusprint home page to browse through all our fantastic products and offers and get creating an incredible photo project now.