Last week, we offered some ideas about what you could do with your countless mobile phone pictures. We showed you how mobile pics are the perfect match for our smaller photo products like our size M photo books and phone cases. And now we’ve got some tips for using your phone pics on our larger products.

From your phone wallpaper to wall art

Imagine a spontaneous moment taken on your mobile phone, printed on beautiful wall art hung in your home. Whether it’s of candid smiles from your children, beautiful nature landscapes or from your last family holiday, you can turn your mobile phone photos into stunning masterpieces!

If you want to create wall art by using just ONE picture, smaller sized wall art – anything 60 x 40cm and below – would work best with your mobile phone photos.

You can even go bigger and create beautiful wall art with our larger sizes. Got some favourite pictures you’ve uploaded onto Instagram? You can use them on our wall art by creating a collage.


Extra tip: You can (in most cases) choose the largest wall art format as long as you make a collage of at least 6 images.

And remember the smaller the image used on the product, the better its quality. So go wild with your collage!

The Creator Tool will automatically check the quality of your photos for you. Have you familiarised yourself with our smileys and warning icons yet? If you haven’t, here’s a refresher course for you!

For all our other products (like wall art) created online…
• A green smiley is for good quality
• A blue face is for ‘OK’ quality
• A sad red face is for poor quality

For photo books…
• You will see a yellow triangle for any poor quality images you’ve uploaded.

Upsize your photo books

Don’t forget about our photo books! Did you know you can also create equally beautiful mementos with our L and XL sized photo books with using your mobile phone pics?

Our larger sized photo books give you the freedom to use more images, instead of limiting yourself to just one photo per page.


Extra Tip: The smaller the image used on the product, the better the quality; making details sharper and more prominent.

So keeping your images small and choosing a suitable layout with multiple of photos per page, will help a lot. You can always tailor it to your liking by adding creative extras to your book such as clip art, backgrounds, frames and text to fill up the pages. You can also play around with different layout options in our Creator Tool to see the best way you can show off your mobile snapshots.

Next week we’ll recommend some handy photo apps to improve your picture quality and help you in your digital scrapbooking quest.