Brits would rather take a selfie than ask someone to snap them

Research reveals a third of Brits (36%) admit they most enjoy looking back at pictures of themselves

The selfie phenomenon and rapid rise of selfie sticks could be fuelled by the fact that Brits are camera shy, with almost a third (27%) stating they would rather take a selfie than ask another person to take a picture of them due to embarrassment!

According to the findings of our research, 59% of 18-24 year olds – arguably the most selfie obsessed generation – felt too embarrassed to ask another person to take a picture of them, with 35% opting to take selfie sticks on holiday with them compared to one in ten Brits (10%) who would take a selfie stick along on their trip.

Indeed 36% of Brits admit they most enjoy looking back at pictures of themselves and when Brits go abroad the selfie-obsession heightens, with holidaymakers admitting to taking an average of six different types of selfies a day. These images include simple selfies (29%), hot-dog leg selfies (13%) and ‘belfies’ (13%) – perhaps showing that we are fast becoming a narcissistic nation who value images of ourselves above those taken while enjoying the break with friends and family.

Yet, despite the continuous rise of the selfie, half of Brits (50%) find images of other people’s selfies very irritating with people pouting (50%) and those taken infront of the mirror (46%) topping the list.

When it comes to selfies, Brits rival the likes of selfie-obsessed celeb Kim Kardashian, with 40% taking 10 selfies a week, and 30% keeping up to 50 of these photos on their phone.

The research revealed that 18-24 year olds are the biggest selfie culprits with half of them (50%) storing 50 selfies on their phone, compared to 18% of the over-55s. Interestingly, 40% of the 25-34 year old age group claim to not take selfies as it’s too self-involved.

The poll explains why the photo specialist has seen a marked increase in people printing photographs of themselves, with 35% of 18-24s and even a further 17% of over 45s admitting to having printed out selfies.

In response to this demand, albelli will be introducing its special selfie album available for summer so happy selfie-snappers can create their own selfie photobooks.

Keith Hanson, general manager of albelli UK said: “Our research suggests that while on holiday, Brits become even more selfie-obsessed than usual, with selfie sticks becoming an essential holiday item.

“This is likely due to the fact there are a huge number of selfie photo opportunities whether it’s capturing images infront of landmarks, lying on a sun bed on the beach, eating ice cream or sipping cocktails by the pool.

“We’ve seen a rise in the number of people printing selfies so we’re pleased to announce the launch of albelli’s selfie album where you can keep all of your holiday memories in one place.”