You’ve finally taken that city break you’d been planning and you no doubt took hundreds of photos when you were there. But instead of simply leaving them in your camera roll, we’ve got some tips to help you create a photo book full of your favourite moments.

We have lots of new city-themed backgrounds and clip art and it won’t take long to create a photo book you’ll love looking back on. Take a look at our example photo book of London below for some inspiration, or if you’re dreaming of a slightly warmer destination then browse through our Porto photo book. Sunshine guaranteed.

1. Arrange it day-by-day

Start your book with a day-by-day account of where you went and what you saw. Then arrange your photo book in chronological order so that it will act as a travel journal when you look back on it.

2. Caption it

Under each photo that you include in your book, it’s nice to write a short caption so that you can remember what you were doing. It will make your photo book more meaningful and even act as a sort of guide book when you look back.

3. Map it out

Add maps to your photo book by clicking on the insert tab in the creator tool. It will pull in any destination from Google Maps and you can use it as a background.

4. Add some extras

We have lots of frames, clip art and backgrounds that will make your holiday photo book even better. You can see our London-themed features in the photo book above, but we also have other city-specific designs for popular destinations like Paris and Rome.

5. Fun facts

Take photos of the attractions you see and add a fun fact about the place underneath. The more unusual and obscure the better! We’ve done this on pages 4-7 of our example photo book of London

6. For food lovers

Dedicate a double page in your photo book to all the delicious (and maybe not so delicious) food you ate on your trip. This is a great way to pass on your recommendations to friends and family if they ever visit the same place.

While it may be tempting to just leave all your beautiful photos just sitting on your camera or in your phone, we hope these tips will inspire you to create a photo book with your holiday photos.