Tips for the perfect Christmas present for grandparents

By Bonusprint on 28 November 2023

Need some great Christmas gift ideas for grandparents? Look no further! From a family photo book bursting with memories, to a personalised photo calendar that will bring a smile to their face until next Christmas, dive into our list of great photo gifts for grandparents and get inspired.

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for grandparents, it’s always a great idea to choose something that comes from the heart – Christmas is the season of family, love and gratitude after all! Whether it’s a personalised photo book filled with family memories from over the years, or a ‘grandma and grandad’ set of customised mugs to bring a smile to their morning every day, dive into our list of five personalised gifts for grandparents and get inspired.

Photo book gifts for grandparents

A photo book is more than just a collection of pictures. It’s a walk down memory lane, celebrating moments that have shaped your family’s story. Whether you create a photo book of their new grandchild’s adorable milestones, or a heartwarming keepsake that revisits a golden anniversary with photos they forgot existed, a photo book is the perfect gift for grandparents.

Personalised jigsaw puzzle gift

This one is a must for any game-loving grandparents! Our new Ravensburger personalised jigsaw puzzles allow you to create a high-quality jigsaw puzzle using a photo of your choice – a family portrait, a beautiful landscape from their favourite destination, or even their furry best friend. Our personalised photo puzzle gifts are super easy to make, and are available in six different sizes, from 2000-piece masterpieces to 49-piece mini-puzzles.

Personalised wall art for grandparents

Wall art is another fantastic gift idea for grandparents. Choose your favourite snap such as a portrait of your grandparents you took on your latest family outing, or go the extra mile and create a personalised wall art series of the grandkids to fill an entire wall with sunshine. Choose from five premium wall art materials to get the perfect look and customise for a unique gift they’ll love. With an easy hanging system included, get ready to deck the halls with wall art this Christmas!

Personalised cushions for grandparents

Transform your snaps into a huggable memory with a personalised cushion. Whether you’re on the other side of the country or just down the road, our new personalised photo cushions are the perfect way for grandparents to keep loved ones close. Choose from three snuggly sizes and effortlessly design them in just a few clicks in our Instant Editor.

Personalised Christmas cards for grandparents

There’s something special about receiving a Christmas card through the post – and no one loves receiving a heartfelt mail delivery more than our grandparents. A personalised Christmas card is an easy way to bring a smile to their face. After all, sometimes the most touching gifts are the smallest ones.

Personalised mug gift for Christmas

Bring a smile to your grandparents’ morning with a personalised mug. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or a soothing hot chocolate, these mugs add a personal touch to every sip. Choose a favourite family photo or a heartwarming message, and create your custom mug with ease in our Instant Editor — the perfect gift to warm their hands and hearts this festive season.

Personalised magnets for grandparents

Our new personalised magnets are a great way to bring your favourite memories to your grandparents’ everyday spaces, and one of our favourite christmas gift ideas for grandparents. These top-quality square magnets are not just easy to post, but they’re simple to create too.

Our pro tip? Spread the festive cheer and create a batch of these adorable magnets for the whole family! Choose your best family shots and slip them into their personalised Christmas cards — a quick yet thoughtful way to send some festive love through the post.

Personalised calendars for grandparents

Easy to post, fully customisable and a breeze to create – our personalised calendars are an excellent gift for grandparents near and far. Create a family calendar and add important birthdays, anniversaries and events throughout the year, and add fun family snaps to each new month. Remember, you don’t have to stick to family photos! Are your grandparents fond of adventures? Create a calendar filled with beautiful landscapes from some of their favourite destinations. Are they big gardeners? Create a thoughtful calendar customised with photos of their favourite plants or snaps from their very own garden.

We all know that grandparents usually prefer to give rather than receive when it comes to Christmas presents, but a personal gift – no matter how small – can mean the world. Personalised gifts for grandparents are a fantastic way to share the feeling of festive joy all year round. Whether it’s a photo book with their new grandchild’s first year in moments or a simple Christmas card with your family portrait, every gift tells a story. Click the link below to explore all of our best Christmas gifts for grandparents and start creating now.

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