As much as we love our pets, taking pics of them can be tricky. They’re usually having too much fun to sit still and so your camera roll’s full of blurry snaps. We’ve been there – so we’re sharing some tips to capture the best photos of your animal best friend.

Play to their strengths

Before you get on to snapping, a little observation can go a long way. Take note of your pet’s personality, and you’ll soon find great opportunities for taking fun pics. Is your pet active and outdoorsy? Try playing to their strengths and take your pics while you’re on your daily walk. If they’re more of a homebody, take note of all their favourite spots around the house – you’ll get some nice shots in their natural habitat.

Get on their level

When you’re taking pics of your pets, try to look at them from a different angle and take your pictures from their eye level instead of yours. You’ll get a portrait-like, intimate feel to your pics and you’ll get to experience a new world from their point of view.

It’s all in the settings

Make sure you’ve got the right settings on your camera before you snap away. If you’re using a phone camera, using burst mode is perfect for action shots. Burst mode takes multiple shots in a short span of time, so you’ll get more photos and more chances to find the perfect shot. If you’re looking for crisper, cleaner shots of your pet, consider using a DSLR camera to have more control over your settings.

Get your loved ones involved

Keeping your pet’s attention for pics can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if your family and friends are around. Try involving them in the shoot – whether that’s by distracting them with a toy or playing together to give your pictures a dynamic look.

Reward your pet

Who doesn’t enjoy a good snack after some hard work? Encourage the behaviour you want to see (and photograph) by keeping some snacks within reach or giving them a belly rub after you’re done. You can even take the opportunity for some more candid snaps while doing so. It’ll keep taking pics fun and gently encourages your animal friend.

Now that you’re all set for taking better pics of your pooch or cute snaps of your cats, why not turn the photos on your camera into a bonusprint photo book? That way, you’ll be able to look back on their best moments (and pet poses) without having to scroll through tonnes of them.

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