A selection of photo prints with festival photos on in wire racks on a wall, next to a window, surrounded by plants.

Don’t you wish festival season could last all year? Add all your favourite photos from this summer to bonusprint photo products so you can make those sun-soaked festival days last a lifetime.

Put your main stage moments on a mug

A close-up of a woman holding a photo mug with a picture of a woman at a festival on the side.

Going back to work after a long festival weekend is always tough, but you can bring some of those feelgood moments into the office with you. Customise a photo mug with your favourite festival shot and brighten up your coffee breaks – we can’t promise it’ll be as good as being there, but it might help ease you back into work mode.

Fill a photo book with your festival highlights

A photo book open on a double page, showing photos from a festival. The pages are decorated with confetti clip art.

There are so many great moments to photograph at a music festival, whether you’re capturing the entire set of the headline act, taking pics of your friends trudging through the mud, or snapping the crowd in the sunshine. You’ll be able to fill a photo book in no time with all the photos you take over the long weekend.

For every amazing shot you take at a festival, there’ll probably be one that missed the mark, like all the pics that came out blurry from dancing around to your favourite band. To save you sorting through them all manually, why don’t you give our Smart Assistant a try? It’ll pick out all your best snaps, remove those fuzzy photos that didn’t come out so well, and put them into photo book layouts for you. That way, you can spend more time customising your festival photo book with clip art, text boxes, and backgrounds.

Relive your best festival moment with wall art

A wall art with a photo of a woman in a desert-like setting, wearing boots, a summer dress, and a black hat.

Your favourite festival moment would make amazing wall art for your living room. It could be a big group photo of you and your co-campers, a huge shot of the headliner, or a solo snap of you in all your best festival gear.

Free your festival photos from your phone

A selection of photo prints with festival photos on, in wire racks on a wall, next to a window, surrounded by plants.

If you’re like us, then your phone will be full of festival photos when you get back. Rather than leaving them in your image library, print your best snaps and display them around your home. You can also order copies for the friends you went with too.

Get creative in the moment with our app

A photo of a woman holding up her phone in front of a stage at a festival, with a coloured retro print on the screen.

If you’re ready to head to your first festival of the season, use our app to get creative while you’re there. When you’ve got a break between bands or you need to pass some time at your tent, why not order some colourful retro prints of the moments you capture on the day? There are loads of shades to choose from for your retro print frames, and you can add captions to the prints too.

These coloured retro prints are exclusive to our app, so get downloading it for iOS or Android to capture and create while you’re there.

Whether you’ve just got back from a festival or your rucksack’s packed for your next one, get creative with a bonusprint photo book or customise our other photo products to relive all the good times again and again.

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