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Whether it’s a homemade pie that you’re particularly proud of or a fancy brunch at your local cafe with eggs and orange juice, food photography is a great way to capture a moment.

1. Fresh, fresh, fresh

When you get the chance, always use fresh, organic ingredients. The colours will be vibrant and make sure your images really stand out.

food photography tips 1

2. Keep light natural

Try and take your photos in natural light. A flash or artificial lighting will make your images look flat so if you’re in a restaurant ask for a seat next to a window.

food photography tips 2

3. Use props

Think about everything in the photo that will contribute to the mood of the image. Table cloths, crockery and other utensils are an easy way to add interest to your photos.

food photography tips 3

4. Before and after

Taking photos of the ingredients before you cook them and after you’ve finished will create striking results. Perfect for displaying on opposite pages in a recipe photo book.

food photography tips 4

5. Restaurants and cafes

Getting shots of restaurant interiors can be a great way to capture a mood. Try and use a wide angle lens, or take it portrait on your phone to get a sense of perspective.

food photography tips 5

6. Playful angles

Get creative with your food photography and try shooting from different angles. Shooting from the side can give a good sense of atmosphere.

food photography tips 6

7. Simple backgrounds

When photographing your food, remember that the less distractions there are, the better. We like to use white plates and bowls or wooden chopping boards to keep the attention solely on the food.

food photography tips 7

Armed with these expert food photography tips, it’s time for you to put them in to practice. Why not take photos of all your favourite home-cooked meals and create a photo book with accompanying recipes? You could even get other members of the family to contribute to create a family cook book.