Every year at albelli, we love to add new items to our set of Christmas ornaments. It’s the best way to dive into the seasonal spirit and get inspired for the holidays! This year, we decided that Christmas 2015 would be the year of the bauble! Shiny, sparkly, simple and fun, we set ourselves the challenge of embellishing these swinging spheres to festoon our tree.

Why not put your personal stamp on this year’s proceedings by making your own DIY baubles? Grab your family and friends and get in the mood for a creative Christmas designed by you!

What you will need:

o Baubles
o Paint
o Glitter
o Glitter glue
o Ribbon or String
o Bowls (for dipping)

Top tip: It make take you a few tries to master your technique (it did for us!) so it’s a good idea to get extra baubles and supplies. 🙂

Make Christmas Balls

Ready, set, let’s start creating:

1. Start by laying down old newspaper to avoid mess
2. Thread the bauble with ribbon or colourful string and tie beautiful bows
3. Dip the bauble halfway into a bowl of glue/paint and let the excess liquid drain off
4. Lightly dust with loose glitter until all of the wet surface is covered
5. Finally, leave to hang-dry in a cool ventilated space overnight

For inspiration, we have created a little “how-to” video to help get you started:

Make this Christmas extra special and create personalised baubles to hang on your tree! With endless designs including glitter polka dots, handwritten names with gold and silver markers all the way to glitter filled baubles made from clear plastic, you’ll no doubt be busy with loved ones!

We’d love to see your creations so upload images of your finished decorations to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag us #albelliAdvent!

Until next time,
The albelli team