1. Master the art of creating photo books the easy way.

Even the most seasoned photo book creators will pick up a thing or two from one of our workshops.

2. Pick up some great photography tips along the way.

Our instructor will offer photography tips during the workshop.

3. Discover all the creative options that are available on your creator tool.

You’ll be surprised to know just how many different ways you can create one photo book.

4. Learn how to tell stories using your photos.

What words are to an author; your photos can be to you. Discover how to capture moments with the creative use of photos.

5. You’ll get to see how an actual photo book is put together.

Watching how a photo book comes together is simply the best way to learn.

6. You’ll also get to ask as many questions as you like via chat.

Ask any questions you like at any point during the workshop. It’s not just informative, it’s also interactive and fun!

7. Find out how to edit your photos before ordering your book.

No Photoshop needed here – we’ll show you how to fix your photos using the creator tool.

8. Discover how to create great effects, even with unappealing photos.

No matter what sort of photo you have, we’ll show you how to use it effectively when creating your book.

9. Learn without leaving the comfort of your home.

Enjoy learning in a casual environment.

10. Lastly, it’s completely free!


So what will you need to join our photo book workshop?

Well, just a computer, a webcam or microphone and good access to the Internet. Made up you’ve mind yet? Great. Start by selecting the date and level of workshop before signing up for one of our free photo book workshops.