A customised photo book from bonusprint is the perfect way to capture all your great moments from 2022. How you create yours is totally up to you. Create a beautiful family photo book filled with a year of memories, or celebrate the amazing trips you made throughout the year with the ones you love most. The possibilities for your 2022 photo book are endless. Check out these five reasons why you should get creative with a photo book this year.

1. Give yourself a new creative project

New Year’s resolutions are always a bit tricky to stick to, right? But if your top resolution this year is to be more creative, a photo book is a great project you can get stuck into straight away. Come up with a theme for your customised photo book, round up all your favourite photos from 2022 and curl up with your laptop. Dive into our creative editor tools and start exploring your creative side!

2. Look back on the best bits of 2022

With the busy lives we lead, it can be easy to let life rush by. Creating a 2022 photo book is a great way to take some time to look back and reflect on all the moments that make our lives bright. From big celebrations with family and friends to the little moments at home, choose a variety of your favourite snaps and make the creation process a fun activity for all the family. Spend a cosy evening selecting photos together and playing with the design tools in the bonusprint editor to create the perfect photo book.

3. Bring memories to life

Our phones or laptops are packed full of our favourite moments and memories. Creating a printed photo book is a wonderful way to bring these photos to life and break them out of our digital photo libraries! Rather than scrolling through pic after pic on your screen to find your favourite moments, creating a 2022 photo book means you can relive them in beautiful detail and flick through them easily.

Creating a customised photo book with bonusprint couldn’t be simpler. Top tip: print your photo books on our high–quality gloss paper and experience all the vibrant colours and the little details you love all over again.  

4. Celebrate a theme you love

You can make your photo book about anything you like, from a ‘my first photo book’ for your newborn to couple–themed photo books for you and your other half. With our themed photo book templates, we’ve made it even easier for you to stick to a design that’s totally personal to you.

To easily create a baby’s first photo book, simply drag and drop their most adorable photos into one of our themed layouts. If you’re documenting a big trip you’ve taken this year, check out our range of themes designed to show off your best shots. Take a look at these creative photo book theme ideas for some extra inspiration.

5. A photo book is a perfect gift

Photo books aren’t just a great addition to your bookshelf or coffee table: they are the perfect gifts for family and friends. Create a photo book of all the amazing memories you shared with your best friends, or send one to those family members that you don’t get to see as often as you would like. If you welcomed a little one into the world in 2022, why not gift their grandparents with the cutest photos you collected of the newest addition to your family?

However you spent 2022, relive it in a customised photo book from bonusprint. Use these ideas as a guide, then get creative with a photobook you can look back on year after year. Just hit the button below to get creating now.

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