Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Alexandra, I’m Portuguese, and I’ve been working at albelli for the past five years as a designer.

Who are you gifting this book to?


This is a gift to my husband. It’s a travel book from the first trip we went on to Southeast Asia, where we visited Vietnam and Cambodia.

What inspired this book?


I always feel inspired when I come back from my travels through Asia. I love the vibrant colours and symbolic meanings behind them, like the colour red for fortune. The craftsmanship of the detailed architecture and the flavours of the local dishes too. Everything is a point of discovery and a source of inspiration that I try to incorporate in my work. This book is full of those details that both me and my husband photographed. And we love to go through our photos of past travels, so what better way to do it than by flicking through our pictures in a photo book?

What is one rule you always abide by when creating photo books?


Symmetry and balance. I like structured layouts, and I try to have two or three different page layouts that I replicate throughout the book, which creates a perfect cohesive design.

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