The smile on your grandparents faces when they open the bonusprint personalised photo gift you’ve got them for Christmas means you definitely got them the best present. This is our ultimate tool to help you create them the best photo Christmas present ever.

We all know that grandparents usually prefer to give rather than receive when it comes to Christmas presents, but when you get them something personal it really means the world. There are fewer better feelings at Christmas than making your grandparents really happy. As their families grow and spread all around the world, getting them a personalised photo gift means they can be surrounded by their favourite people, their family, all year round.

A photo book, which comes in a range of sizes and hard or soft backed covers, is a fantastic way to get all of the family included, even the second cousins. A photo calendar maybe have less room but they will have it on their wall all year round, and a photo canvas is another way of creating a something a bit a different that they’ll love to have on the wall. If they’re both fans of tea and coffee then getting your grandparents personalised ‘his ’n’ her’s’ mugs is a sure fire way to make them smile every time they have a cuppa.

Here’s our checklist

Here are some of our dos, don’ts and top tips to make the perfect photo Christmas gifts for your grandparents:

  • Do keep it a surprise
  • Try to keep the photos equally split if you’re doing it for both grandad and grandma
  • Ask family members and friends to send you their snaps
  • If visiting your grandparents, ask to see their old photos and secretly take high res pictures of them on your smartphone
  • Think about using their major life events as ‘chapters’
  • Try not to use shots that are similar in composition and subject
  • Don’t forget to use photos of their favourite places – not all the pics have to be of people
  • Remember that you can add text, frames, and layouts with the bonusprint online editor

Get creating

Whatever personalised Christmas photo present you’re thinking of creating for your grandparents this year, simply head over to the bonusprint home page to browse through all our fantastic products and offers and get creating an incredible photo project now. And getting ticking them off your list.