Create your own yearbook

Create your personalised yearbook

Whether you are creating a yearbook for just one special student or for an entire class, a memories yearbook is a great gift that can be used as a touchstone as they move on through the next exciting stages of life. A printed year book offers class leaders a straightforward way of uploading large numbers of different digital images to create something for the whole class to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a yearbook, printed version, or something more personal, bonusprint offers an easy-to-use software that can tailor the results to your needs. You can choose from everything from external colour schemes and design patterns to frame style and even photo arrangement and distribution. We have applied our years of experience to allow you to build a memory repository worthy of the students in your care, students who are about to set forth on another stage of their life and start changing the world's future.

Your unique yearbook designs

Each year students and their classmates progress through those crucial early years of learning, surprising parents and teachers alike with their ingenuity, creativity, growing intelligence and skill. Each school outing represents a new stage of learning and life, and memories that should be preserved are always following close behind. A self-designed yearbook is a do it yourself yearbook that allows you to create personalised yearbooks that are specific to your childeren, or to the moments created by one specific class or year. This means you can create a housing for your memory collection that speaks to the journey of the students whose images are stored within.

Create a yearbook online

The responsibility of creating a year book for one or many people can be daunting, particularly if you have never made one before. At bonusprint we understand how intimidating that task can seem and our yearbook creator is designed to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Make your own yearbook using each of the simple and guided steps and create yearbooks that will impress on the day of gifting and stand the test of time. bonusprint has years of experience in the field, years that have enabled us to develop a system built to make yearbook creation a breeze.

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The end of a year or the end of school time itself can be a worrying transition for any young student. However, it also gives birth to a trepid excitement that will propel them forward into their next stage of life and learning, whether that be the next year of school, the first year of university or the first steps out into the big bad world of gainful employment. Order your yearbook from bonusprint today and start creating a memory resource that will be invaluable to them as the years pass. Each year they can revisit it and relive some old memories with good friends. More importantly, it will give them a chance to see how much they have grown.

Buy a yearbook at bonusprint and benefit from years of experience creating personalised and generic yearbooks for students throughout the country and around the world. Each yearbook represents a contract of trust between us and the teachers and parents who want their children to remember their school days fondly. That is why, with each yearbook design, we strive to create the best possible album, one that will stand the test of time.

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