We don’t know about you, but a quick whip round of the office revealed a whole load of failed resolutions.

From learning to play the guitar to reading the newspaper every day and eating vegetables with all your meals, there are so many New Year’s Resolutions it seems we just can’t quite stick to.

Inspired by this (and the new year) we’ve pulled together our own list of resolutions that are easy to achieve and we believe will make your 2018 better than ever.

1. Go explore


Whether it’s a new neighbourhood in your city, a park at the back of your house or a country on the other side of the world. Exploring new places will lead to new experiences.

2. Make someone smile


This could be your family, a friend or someone in the street. We believe that kindness is undervalued in this day and age and helping someone with their shopping or making someone laugh will not only make them feel good but make you feel good too.

3. Do something that scares you


You don’t have to jump out an aeroplane to show your fearless… try a small act of bravery like paying a stranger a compliment or sticking up for someone at work.

4. Show your gratitude


When was the last time you said thank you and really meant it? Say thanks to your friends, thanks to your family and thanks to anyone who has done something for you. Gratitude is proven to make you more optimistic so that has to be a good thing.

5. Be more creative


Being creative gives us opportunities to try out new ideas and new ways of thinking. It can help us express ourselves and create things from personal experiences. From creating a photo book to writing a poem… go with your creative gut.

And if you need some inspiration we’ve got plenty of creative ideas here.

6. Connect with nature


Getting outside and breathing in fresh air is good for the soul. We recommend you set yourself a personal challenge like walking 10,000 steps a day which will encourage you to embrace the great outdoors.

7. Go offline


Shutdown your computer, put away your phone and enjoy some offline time. You might manage a weekend or you might only manage a couple of hours… but give it a try anyway.

8. Nourish yourself


By nourishing yourself we’re referring to everything you consume. From the food you eat, the drinks you drink and the words you read. It will all make a difference to your general wellbeing. Feed yourself with leafy greens and read novels which inspire you.

9. Have a feast for your senses


From visiting an art gallery to attending the opera, taking yourself out on cultural excursions and feeding your senses will make your life richer. Aim for one cultural experience a week. That could just be the cinema or it could be spending the day at a history museum.

10. Spend time on what matters


Make 2018 the year that you stop worrying about the small things and only worry about the important stuff. You don’t need more time…. You just need to spend it doing what matters. Friends, family and all the other things mentioned above will make you feel far more fulfilled than working all the hours under the sun.

11. Give back


Find a cause you care about a dedicate some time or resources to it. You could volunteer at a local homeless shelter, offer a hand at the old peoples home or give some money to a charity close to your heart.

12. Take more photos


You’ll need a way to document all of these new experiences that you’ll create for yourself, so make a promise to take more photos. Looking back on moments will be a positive way to keep a check on your year and how far you’ve come.

So take this moment to have a think… what did you achieve in 2017 and how can you make 2018 even better? Get fit, give to charity, eat healthier, learn a new hobby, but whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re doing it to make yourself (or someone else) feel good.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to make some positive changes. Share your photos of you creating moments using the #bonusprint hashtag or share this blog on social media with your friends and family to encourage them to make this their best year ever too.