2021 sure has been a year to remember, hasn’t it? One thing that it has done is given us all a chance to try something new, practice different skills and enjoy our hobbies. Things that are perfect to make a yearbook about. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some top tips to help you design your photo book from cover to cover. 

Pick your cover image

Your yearbook cover will be on display in your home, so make it a good one. The cover is where your story starts, so pick a photo that sets off the theme of your book. If it’s a family album, add your favourite group shot to the cover. For a baby book, use your little one’s first photo for the front. We’ve got some creative yearbook themes to help you group your images together too, if you need some more ideas to get started. Here’s another tip for your cover design: to add an extra creative touch, why not add a 2021 photo mask to the cover? But you can also opt for a simple linen cover and have the year printed on it if you can’t choose which image to use on the front.

Choose the order of your book

Ordering photos from an entire year can be tricky. But if you want to arrange your yearbook chronologically, we’ve got some photo organisation tips to help you tidy up your files. Once your files are in order, you can arrange them in your photo book like a timeline of your year. If you don’t want to sort your photos chronologically, think about grouping them by colour or by theme. You can keep images with similar tones together or create a section of shots from any staycations or trips you’ve taken this year. You could also dedicate sections of your photo book to the people who made your year amazing. Why not keep all the photos of your parents together and then create a new section for your favourite pictures of your friends?

Have some fun with our design features

Our in-house illustrators have created hundreds of new designs over the past year to help you customise your photo books. Have a play around with clip art, backgrounds, masks and frames to make your yearbook unique. All of the design features are editable so you can make as many tweaks as you like. Our yearbooks are really easy to create, so get stuck in and have some fun. 

Add mementoes to your yearbook

Your yearbook doesn’t have to just feature photos; you can add in mementoes that you collected throughout the year too. Remember that small moments can be the most memorable — if you managed to go on any trips or visit museums or art exhibitions, why not scan in the tickets and programmes? We’ve got tips on how to scan your photos and mementoes to help you too.

Write an intro for each section of your photo book

A short intro to each month or each section of your yearbook is a great way to summarise all your highlights. You can write a little paragraph explaining where you went and what you got up to, which will add some extra colour to your story.

Add some quotes

Love an inspirational quote, or maybe there’s a song that summed up your year? You can add some quotes or lyrics next to your photos.

Let your photos tell the story

If you want your pictures to do the talking instead, we have loads of layouts you can experiment with. You could use an informal mosaic style for lots of cosy family shots or try a single-photo page layout to show off a stunning landscape

Wrap it up

A great way to wrap up your yearbook is by looking back on your 2021 in numbers. You could create a page with the number of projects you’ve completed you’ve visited, the places you’ve been to in your neighbourhood or all the new words your little one has picked up this year.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas so you can get cracking on your yearbook. So, start creating your photo book and celebrate your 2021 in style. 

Create your yearbook

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