Creating a yearbook full of favourite moments from the past year is a great way to remember the best bits. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got lots of tips for creating your own. From the cover to the order, there are lots of things you can do to create a lasting memento of 2017.

We’ve had a great year here at bonusprint so we’ve created our own yearbook to remember some of the best bits. Have a look through it to get some inspiration for creating your own.

Pick your cover

The cover of your yearbook will be on display in your home, so make it a good one. Choose your favourite photo from the year and put it proudly on the front. This could be a photo that features lots of family and friends, or a stunning landscape you’ve visited in 2017.


We tried to be extra creative by adding a 2017 photomask to our cover, but you could also opt for a simple linen cover and have the year printed on it.

Choose the order

Ordering your photos from a whole year can be tricky. We recommend sorting through them chronologically and placing them in the book in time order.

You could also go with a colour scheme. This arty approach involves you choosing photos of different hues to be next to each other. All the blue photos, all the red photos etc.

Alternatively, you could order it per person. All the photos of mum, all the photos of dad, all the photos of grandma. Read our ultimate photo organisation guide for more ideas.


Make use of the extras

In 2017 we released over 500(!) new design features, including clip art, backgrounds and borders. Make your photo book really stand out with some of the new ones.


Add some mementoes

Your yearbook doesn’t just have to feature photos. Have you got maps from a holiday or tickets to a festival? Scan them in and add them to your book. Read our tips on how to scan your photos for more ideas.


We’ve included some awards we won throughout the year in our book.

Summarise your months

If you like using words to explain a photo then you could do a summary of each month in your yearbook. Write a short paragraph about what you got up to and mention all the highlights.


Be inspiring

Be your own inspiration and add some inspirational quotes to your yearbook.


Let your photos tell a story

Use our layouts to let your photos tell a story. We have used three similar photos right next to each other on the page so that you can see what is happening in them. You could make a collage on your page to do a similar thing.


Wrap it up

A nice way to end your yearbook and look back at your 2017 at a glance is to add some numbers and facts on the last page or spread that summarise your year. This could be the number of places you’ve visited, new friends you’ve made or anything that’ll make you look back at your year with a smile.


Those are our tips on remembering your year with a yearbook but it’s a very personal thing, so any ideas you have yourself will just make your photo book even more unique. Let your creativity run wild!

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