A picture of a photo calendar on a pink wall, with a photo of a little boy drawing on a chalk board on it.

It’s nearly back to school time again. Whether you’re waving a big kid off to university or you want to celebrate your little one’s first year at nursery, here are six creative ways to mark every milestone and school picture with photo products from bonusprint.

Fill a photo book with their school pictures

Two photo books on a shelf. The one in the background shows a photo of San Francisco on the cover, and the one in the foreground is open on a double page showing pictures of a young girl at different stages of school life; with a photo of her at college, one at nursery school, and another at school.

If your not-so-little ones are flying the nest for university, create a photo book of all their school photos over the years. Start with their first day at nursery and lead up to their results day at college. If you’ve saved some of their drawings or good school reports, you could add those too. This’ll make a great gift they can take away with them or a sentimental keepsake for you at home.

create photo books

Make wall art of a major milestone

A photo of a framed canvas wall art with a girl’s graduation photo on. It’s hanging on a wall next to a side table with a vase on.

Graduation is a huge achievement for your kids, whether it’s from school, college, university, or even nursery – that’s got to be one of the cutest new pre-school traditions, right? To show off how proud you are, print their graduation photo on wall art and hang it up at home. You can create a matching one and gift it to the grandparents too.

create wall art

Create a back to school calendar

A picture of a photo calendar on a pink wall, with a photo of a little boy drawing on a chalk board on it.

When your kids start a new school term there’s always so much to remember; school trips, football matches, swimming lessons, after school music clubs, the list goes on. To help you keep on top of everything, create a photo calendar for the kitchen and fill it with all their school photographs and achievements from the year before. You can also create it as a school holiday calendar to countdown to their next half term break.

All our calendars are customisable too so you can start yours from September to line up with the new school year.

Create a calendar

Customise a mug with their school photo

A woman holding a photo mug with a picture of a little girl in a school summer dress on the mug.

The kids’ first day back at school after a long summer with the family is never easy for a mum or dad. To beat those back-to-work blues and your first day without the kids, print their school snaps from the previous year onto a photo mug. You can customise it with clip art and add text too, like the date the photo was taken. Those cheeky little grins are bound to brighten up any coffee break in the office.

Create a photo mug

Print school pictures throughout the school year

A selection of retro-style photo prints showing little kids at nursery school painting.

If it’s your little one’s first year at school or nursery, why not create a series of photo prints to mark all their milestones? You could take a picture at the beginning of each term and photograph all their firsts along the way, like their swimming badges, art projects, and certificates, then print them all out at the end of each term to display around the house.

Create photo prints

Send out customised cards and invites to their classmates

The school year’s always a busy time for kids’ birthday parties, especially for the little ones who always want to invite the whole class along. Before their next big birthday bash, why not customise invitation cards with a photo of them and their classmates? You can send out matching thank you cards too to thank everyone for the mountain of presents they brought round for the birthday boy or girl.

Create photo cards

Now you’ve got plenty of ideas to help brighten up those first weeks back to school, start creating your children’s photo books for them to take away to university or get showing off the photos you’re most proud of with new photo products from bonusprint.

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