Saying bye to your kids is never easy, whether that’s for eight hours a day at school, or eight months a year as they head off to university. So, surrounding yourself with their school photos is a beautiful way to show off their journey from first day nerves to graduation highs, because they tell the story of growing up like no other photos else can. There are plenty of different ways to display school photos, so we’ve come up with 6 ideas that we think will help you remember their school days the best.

Create a photo book


When they head off to university it can be hard to say goodbye. So, create a children’s photo book full of all their milestone moments throughout their school years – from the first day at nursery to their last day at college, seeing them all laid out in a book will be a sentimental reminder of how far they’ve come.

Display the photos on wall art


Graduating at any stage of a kids’ education is a big deal – so make sure your guests all know about it! Print their official graduation photos on a wall art and hang them in pride of place.

Hang a calendar


Even though your kids might have flown the coop, you can still look at them every day by making a calendar featuring all of your favourite school photos. Start with their younger years and build up to where they are now. And don’t forget – your calendar doesn’t have to start in January, so why not start yours in September?

Create a personalised mug


The first day at school is a moment kids and parents alike remember forever, so remind yourself of it with your morning cuppa and get it printed onto a personalised mug. You could even add text to the mug like the date or the name of the school.

Print some photos

Creative-ideas-children-school-photos-printsThe best way to honour a moment and give it the attention it deserves is to print it. After all, you won’t get much joy out of it if it’s just sitting on your camera roll. So, print all of your favourite school photos big and small and display them proudly in your home.

Send some cards


Keep your nearest and dearest in the loop by sending them personalised cards with a photo of your little one’s first day. September might not be a traditional time to do it, but it’s a great way to get in touch and – if you ask us – September is the unofficial new year.

There’s no shame in showing off, especially when it comes to your kids, so print their best school photos now. You’ll love looking back on them every year and seeing how much they grow. Share your school photo creations with #bonusprint so we can see what you create.